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8 Best Dry Dog Food Brands

Best Dry Dog Food Brands

Dogs are a gift to humanity, always ready to greet you with lolling tongues and wagging tails. That’s why your furry friends deserve the best of everything, from pet accessories and comfy beds to nutrition.

And regarding nutrition, dog parents typically like to ask, “which is the best dry dog food brands in the market?”

And it doesn’t just have to be food that has high nutritional value, but also food that your dog likes. Because if you’re a dog parent, you’ll already know how picky dogs can be about what they put in their mouth (except when they randomly lap something up from the street).

Unfortunately, an overwhelming amount of options and conflicting opinions on products make this question quite difficult to answer.

Why not let us at Pet Food Reviews make it easy for you? In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of 8 top dry dog food brands, along with their pet food reviews, so that you don’t have to rack your brains deciphering nutrition labels.

1. Blue Buffalo Blue Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

blue buffalo dry dog food

Blue Buffalo believes that if you love your dogs as a family, you must feed them like one. And to that end, they provide you with a nourishing recipe sourced from the finest natural ingredients and authentic, high-quality meat.

This pet food formula includes wholesome dry kibble, along with the brand’s signature LifeSource bits, for an extra boost to your dog’s health and well-being. Suitable for all ages, be it a pup, adult, or an elder, the Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids promotes good fur and coat health.

Features at a glance:

  • Made from natural ingredients enhanced with minerals and vitamins
  • No poultry by-products or preservatives used
  • Antioxidant-rich kibbles for healthy oxidative balance
  • One of the best dry dog food for adult dogs to meet their high-energy needs
Purina Dry Dog Food

If you’re looking for dry dog food that keeps your doggo satisfied and happy without breaking the bank, Purina ONE is the one for you.

Featuring real chicken as its primary ingredient, this product contains a nourishing protein-to-fat ratio, with around 26% protein content for proper growth and muscle formation. Most importantly, it has a healthy mix of probiotics, as well as prebiotics, to promote better immunity and digestive health.

To keep your dog’s mane and coat lustrous and soft like on day one, the product also has vitamin A and Omega-6 fatty acids. Also, most foods dogs can eat only contain kibble, which can bore your dog after the first few bites.

But this product combines kibble with juicy shredded morsels, which keeps your dog asking for more throughout the meal without there being a need to do extra mixing to lure them back to the feeding bowl.

Features at a glance:

  • High protein to help build strong muscles
  • 0 percent filler ingredients
  • Natural glucosamine to facilitate healthy joints
  • Dual-defense antioxidants for better immunity
Rachael Ray Dry Dog Food

Straight from the renowned Rachael Ray’s kitchen, Nutrish premium dog food is made with passion and love that makes your four-legged friends’ mealtime fun. Rarely do you find ‘dog food’ and ‘ethically sourced’ in the same sentence. But Rachael Ray is committed to providing pure and sustainably sourced raw materials for optimum nutrition.

Every ingredient in this product has a purpose – meat for muscle growth, veggies for immunity boosts, and fish oils for fur health. On top of that, when you buy from Rachael Ray, a portion of the proceeds are directed toward the Rachael Ray Foundation, which helps animals in need through food, treatments, and medical supplies, making it one of the best dry dog food brands, and thoughtful too.

Features at a glance:

  • Made using farm-raised chicken, a wholesome protein source
  • No poultry by-product filler, wheat, gluten, or meal
  • Vital minerals and vitamins for enhanced immunity
Hill's Science Dry Dog Food

Formulated using ingredients that make digestion easy, Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food goes easy on the delicate little bellies of your puppy. The small kibbles the product contains are suited for the little canine mouths, with nourishing omega 6s and high-quality protein for lean muscle building and maintenance and vitamin E to promote coat and skin health.

For small or toy dog parents, this product provides a unique blend of antioxidants and lifelong immune aid. Pet food reviews wholeheartedly recommend this product.

Features at a glance:

  • Recommended by veterinarians across the US
  • Made from ingredients that specifically support heart health
  • Ingredients sourced from suppliers worldwide
  • All batches are tested to ensure it’s fit for your pet’s bowl
Nature's Recipe Dry Dog Food

Nature’s Recipe is one of the best dry dog food brands out there, put together by expert pet nutritionists, with every single ingredient carefully selected so that dogs love. With real salmon, sweet potato, and pumpkin as main ingredients, Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is easy to digest and provides essential nutrition and nourishment at various life stages.

Made with nutrient-dense healthy carbohydrate sources and no added corn, wheat, or soy protein, this product is easy to digest and suitable for dogs of all ages. And it’s 100% free from artificial flavors and preservatives. It also contains a unique blend of linoleic acid and zinc for healthy skin and a lustrous coat.

We recommend consulting your veterinarian before switching your dog’s diet and providing plenty of water at all times.

If your dogs are sensitive to grains mainly, then Nature’s Recipe might be the exact food dogs can eat and like it. Further, at approximately $28 for 12 lbs, it won’t put a hole in your pocket. Bring wag-worthy adventures with nutritious supplements for the long life of your dogs.

Features at a glance:

  • Meat first ingredients
  • No corn or wheat
  • Natural food with added vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
Pedigree Dry Dog Food

Made with meat and meat-by products as the first ingredient, the Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food contains vegetable oils, milk powder, cereal, and cereal by-products with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your adult dog in tip-top shape.

Produced under the highest factory standards and subjected to stringent quality checks, pedigree is a hot seller. Moreover, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help maintain skin and coat health, and antioxidants zinc and vitamin E helps in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Unlike other dog foods, pedigree guarantees a proven healthier and shinier coat, strong muscles, digestive health, strong bones and teeth, and a strong immune system, making it one of the best dry dog food.

Features at a glance:

  • Time Tested Flavour
  • Wholesome and Complete meal
  • Made with Love
  • High-quality ingredients
Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

Beef being the first ingredient, Natural Balance Adult Dry Dog Food with Healthy Grains is formulated with nutritious ingredients like brown rice to help maintain your dog’s defense system. Our carefully cooked product with a simplified list of premium ingredients is suitable for even dogs with sensitive stomachs, allergies, and skin conditions.

Moreover, it ensures that your pet friend has a healthy heart, bones, joints, and teeth, and a robust immune system. So, if you want something fresh and flavoury, filled with quality ingredients, Natural Balance will surely provide you with value for money.

With Natural Balance, your pal can enjoy a limited-ingredients yet nutritious meal while getting all those drool-worthy flavors he craves! Another unreserved recommendation from the side of Pet Food Reviews.

Features at a glance:

  • Made with limited ingredients
  • Suitable for all breed types
  • No Corn, no Wheat, and no Soy
  • No artificial flavors and colors
taste of wild dry dog food

Treat your dogs to the Taste of the Wild! This recipe is grain-free and cooked with real meat as its main ingredient, along with sweet potatoes, beef, salmon, taurine, and more, which is good for immune support, and skin & coat health.

Nutrient-rich with healthy levels of DHA from fish oil, this product supports brain and vision development. Moreover, it comes in smaller kibble size that contains quality meats and probiotics for a healthy life for your pet. In addition, it contains species-specific nutrients, antioxidants, and probiotics that your furry friend needs to thrive!

Features at a glance:

  • High Protein, Grain-free Recipe
  • Species-specific Probiotics
  • Small-kibble Size

Buyer’s Guide

Though we’ve provided you with the best dry dog food options, you have to understand that not all of these products may be ideal for your four-legged friend. For example, some may be more suitable for puppers, while others may be better suited for elder dogs.

More than that, you also need to consider that not all dogs are created equal, even if their age and breed match. To help you choose the best, here’s a buyer’s guide curated by Pet Food Reviews to help you select the best food for your dogs.


When looking for dog food, freshness is the key. Because preservative-heavy food might have a longer shelf life, it might harm your dog’s health.

So instead, go for fresh foods with relatively shorter shelf lives, as they have high nutritional content and few additives – two amazing bonuses for your dog’s health.

However, fresher foods can come at a higher price tag. To offset this, dog parents resort to preparing the food themselves. This has a couple of drawbacks.

First, it can be time-consuming. And second, it can take a lot of work to get the nutrition right as commercial diets do. Therefore, it’s best to shell out a few more bucks and get the best dry dog food product to ensure assured health and nourishment for your dog.

Energy Requirements

Do you take your dog for a walk twice a day? Or is it responsible for guarding a barn or a chicken coop? You need to take these factors into consideration as they determine the energy requirements of your dog. And depending on how much juice your dogs run on, you must tune the amount of foods dogs can eat accordingly.


In the world of the best dry dog food brands, you get what you pay for. But that doesn’t mean you have to put a hole in your pockets to get the essential nutrition for your dog.

At the outset, shop around and understand the average monthly costs for the breed and age of your dog. From there, you’ll be able to decide the optimal nutrition in your budget without compromising your dog’s health.

Also, never put yourself in a position where you’re financially unstable to support your pet’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Dry Dog Food Is Good for the Dog?

This question has no one answer. The adequate feeding quantity depends on the age, breed, and energy requirements of your pet. The best place to start is to view the kibble requirements on the dog food packaging. Also, while you’re at it, remember to take your dog’s weight into account.

Doing so will help you determine the best dry dog food options for your furry friend.

2. My dog is currently dependent on wet food. How should I transition to dry dog food?

We have one word for you - gradually. The best place to start is to mix a portion of dry dog food with the wet one. Slowly start ramping up the dry content until it reaches 100%. This reduces the chance of upset stomachs and vomiting.

3. What ingredients to look out for when buying dry dog food?

Preservatives are the first thing you must look out for. BHA, BHT, and TBHQ are some of the most common preservatives in dog foods. Moreover, check for colorants, moisturizers, and other synthetic ingredients, as dogs' bellies don’t normally agree with these ingredients.


With so many different types and varieties of products available in the market, picking the best dry dog food can be overwhelming sometimes. To make your work easier, we have picked up the most trusted ones that are not heavy on your pockets and provide adequate nutrition.

A healthy and nutritious diet is crucial for the healthy life of your pet. To keep your pet dog free from health issues, you need to figure out what food your pet likes, which is nutritious and provides all the nutrients required at the same time. Lastly, the only thing you need to consider while buying dog food is that a dog needs a more nutritious diet in its growth phases than in other stages of life.

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