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The 12 Best Kitten Toys In 2022

the 12 best kitten food 2022

Kittens bring such a pleasant feeling and smile on our faces every time we watch them playing around the house, with all those funny moves that they do, totally against logical behavior. So it is very important to find toys they would like, and therefore we made a comprehensive list of the 12 best kitten toys in 2022 to save your time. This is their way of being, active or totally lazy, curious, weird, playful, loving, and independent. All those characteristics are a part of their life development, helping them to develop social, hunting, and movement skills. When it’s about playing, kittens purposefully put themselves in difficult and vulnerable situations. So, they learn about their social interaction, own strength, and practice later life skills, or, in other words, they “play” to train themselves for unexpected situations.

Keeping your kitten entertained and finding the best kitten toys, helps very much in stimulating the predator deep inside, mostly for only inside kittens/cats, compared with those who have access to the outside world and who can get natural stimulants and contact with nature. When kittens live indoors without the stimulation of the outdoor hunt, it’s important to create an appropriate environment playground (or as close as you can and space afford). If you don’t provide a healthy “environment” for their predatory instincts, your cat might have to start to play in other ways – like climbing the curtains, attacking your plants, swiping at your feet, biting your fingers, and ankles during the day, or night.

Adding some different toys to their routine can really help your kitten’s health development, maintaining a healthy weight if they’re running around the house regularly, rather than sleeping the day away. Also, it can help them live longer and decrease the risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Play also helps them stay mentally sharp, providing cognitive and emotional development. And having a variety of toys will also ensure they don’t get bored.

We had chosen, below, a list of the top 12 rated kitten toys in 2022 to check out and to keep you from buying duds. They stand out from the crowd, and kitten owners say these kitten toys will become instant favorites for their kittens. Here are some of the best kitten toys on the market for you to try.

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    1. Rotating Butterfly & Ball Exercise Kitten Toy

    Rotating butterfly kitten toy

    This is a stable wide plastic base track toy with two rolling balls, on which you get two pretty butterflies on stalks that flutter and circle enticingly to encourage your cat to follow the movement, ‘hunt’, and swat their ‘prey’. It’s a 2 in 1 interactive toy, which means you can split it into 2, and you’ll get a track kitten toy and an automatic kitten toy with a spinning butterfly.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 9.33 x 9.29 x 4.21 inches
    Item weight: 1.01 Pounds
    Batteries: ‎3 AAA batteries are required. (not included)


    Easily detachable for replace
    Ultra-strong Material
    Easy to clean and transport


    The motor can “burn out” if it’s ON all the time

    2. BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toy

    Bentopal kitten toy

    According to statistics, not every cat will like it. Young, curious, or active cats will be more excited about this kitten toy. Works as robotic, it can smartly play with your indoor kitten/cat when you are out, and will automatically shut off 1.5 hours every 10 minutes working to rest your cat. No need to worry about being stuck, the two powerful motors work great on tile floors, wood floors, or carpet. It can recognize various scenes(smart sensor), change its direction when inducting obstacles, and it has two modes (fast and slow).

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 4.25 x 2.76 x 8.27 inches
    Item weight: 11.68 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎1 AAA batteries are required.  included)


    360-Degree Self Rotation – Irregular Running
    30 days free return
    620 MAH USB rechargeable battery
    7 Color LED light on wheels


    It’s loud on hardwood

    3. UPSKY Cat Toy Roller 3-Level Turntable

    UPSKY Cat Toy

    The balls kept inside the multi-layer Upsky turntable structure are easily accessible and won’t fall out. The movement mimics prey, so kittens will love chasing them around and around. And the detachable design makes it easy to dismantle if your cat wants to play only with the ball. It comes with 6 balls, three of them have bells inside, three don’t.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 10 x 10 x 7.5 inches
    Item weight: 8.8 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎ No, but You can purchase additional balls with/without bells at any pet store


    Four anti-slip mats on the bottom
    Detachable design
    Colorful attractive balls
    Available in three colors


    Eye stickers on the top of the toy do tend to fall away

    4.Youngever 24 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments

    Youngever 24 Cat Toys

    This set with 24 pieces of cat toys with a collapsible cat tunnel, teaser wand, interactive feather toy, fluffy mouse, crinkle balls, cat springs, catnip toys, and more, provides hours of exercise & self-amusement. This pack gives lots of options to your kittens, so they can figure out which types of playthings they prefer.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 12 x 10.5 x 1.5 inches
    Item weight: 10.4 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎ No


    Kitten is busy all the time
    Worth the price
    Great for baby kittens
    Different colors


    Supervise pets during play to avoid ingestion of small parts
    Replace broken toys timely for the safety of your pets

    5. MeoHui Interactive Cat Feather Toys

    MeoHui Interactive Cat

    Swinging this combined string and feather “lure” in front of your kitten, and will find it irresistible. This item makes your kitten bring out the hunting instinct, running and jumping like a wild animal. It comes with a 2 x telescopic wand,5 x natural feather refills, 4 x squiggly worm refills, and 2 x extra strings with clasp. Advice: never leave your kitten alone with this toy, because they like to chew soft things like strings.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 14.96 x 3.54 x 0.74 inches
    Item weight: ‎2.39 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎ No
    Size: Wand, extends from 15 to 38.9 inches
    String, long 23.6 inches


    Pretty lightweight and flexible
    Foam handle
    Comfortable use
    Feathers are made from safe, natural material


    Older cats might find it boring

    6. Interactive Kitten Toys Roller Tracks with Catnip Spring

    Kitten Toys Roller

    The noise that the balls are making by bumping into each other is a clacking sound that attracts the kitties to keep pushing them. It’s also 2 in 1 toy, equipped with a mouse toy kitten teaser, it is pluggable on the top, or you can take it down to tease the cat. Helps with kitten depression since your cat can play alone when you aren’t at home.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 9.8 x 8.6 x 2.8 inches
    Item weight: 6.38 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎ No


    Good as a Christmas gift
    High-quality material
    Strong and durable
    Worth the money


    For very small kittens, the claw can get stuck in the ball

    7. Potaroma Flopping Fish Kitten Toy

    Potaroma Flopping Fish

    The automatic built-in motion sensor kicks into action every time your kitten touches the toy and the fish will start moving. This fish looks like a real fish, and it has an upgrade for the battery capacity which is increased to 350 mAh to last longer. In the package, a catnip pouch is included.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 10.28 x 4.84 x 1.65 inches
    Item weight: 4.97 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎ 1 Lithium-ion battery is required. (included)


    A rechargeable mechanism for long time use
    Realistic fish cover
    USB Chargeable
    Smart standby feature when pets leave it alone


    Some people say that mechanical flopping is loud

    8. SmartyKat Skitter Critters Kitten Toy

    SmartyKat kitten toy

    In other words, catnip mice. Made from recycled, reclaimed, renewable, and certified organic materials, it’s a well-known classic in the world of kittens toys. All you have to do is to throw the toys and watch your kitten chase them around. Natural catnip helps your kitten to relax and also reduces stress.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 4 x 0.98 x 1.18 inches; 4-inch long mice
    Item weight: 0.64 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎ No


    Features multiple textures
    Very life-sized and silent


    The tails are not attached well

    9. Interactive Catnip-Filled Kitten Toy

    Interactive Catnip-Filled Kitten Toy

    Made from a soft and durable material, this kitten/cat chew toy is perfect for your little fur friend. It’s made from cotton, filled up also with cotton and catnip. While chewing and playing, your kitten keeps its teeth clean and also relaxes. And it comes in different models, like, a panda, a crocodile, baby elephant, brown bear, hamster, panda, which are very popular among kittens.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 3.15 x 2.36 x 1.18 inches
    Item weight: 1.41 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎ No


    Strong and durable
    Soft and comfortable
    Natural catnip


    Some kittens will not find them attractive

    10. Tempcore Pet Cat Tunnel Tube Kitten Toy

    Tempcore Pet Cat Tunnel

    This 3-way spacious tunnel comes in different colors models, like black with blue, blue-coin, grey-coin, black with red and at one side it has attached a swinging ball. In the middle, there’s a peephole, so your kitten will have another way to have fun. If you add in the tunnels some mouses toys, this is perfect for your kitten to play hide-and-seek.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 31.5 x 21.6 x 9.8 inches
    Item weight: 10.86 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎ No


    Spacious tunnels
    Ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester


    Not for adult cat size

    11. AUOON Kitten Scratcher Toy

    AUOON Kitten Scratcher Toy

    This kitten toy provides a lot of stimulation from the point of view of dexterity, intelligence, stamina, and skill because your kitten will need all these attributes to try and catch the ball that rolls around the track. Scratchboard will sharpen your kitten’s natural scratching instincts, and the mouse swatter would catch her/his attention.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 14.96 x 12.99 x 1.57 inches
    Item weight: 1.32 Pounds (600g)
    Color: pink, blue
    Batteries: ‎ No


    Hours of fun
    Keep kitten happy and relaxed
    Encourage scratching behavior, keeping your furniture intact


    Little messy because of the cardboard bits(depends on how much your kitten use it)

    12. RIOFLY Cat Toys Interactive - 2 in 1

    Riofly cat toys

    Designed for indoor cats, has multiple ways to play, combining an automatic laser with a feather toy. You can fix the kitten toy on the table, door, cat tree, or tower. You will need to adjust the position of the laser to change the range of the laser point. Charge it for only one hour, and can be used continuously for 4 hours. The toy will automatically turn off every 30 minutes of work.

    Technical details:

    Product dimensions: 3.66 x 3.66 x 3.94 inches
    Item weight: 9.14 Ounces
    Batteries: ‎500 mAh capacity; Wall charger / USB charger


    360° Rotation
    Auto Turn Off
    Safety Material
    Low Noise
    Mental and physical stimulator


    It doesn’t come with an adapter to charge it with


    Before buying some kitten toys, there are some things to consider and reflect on. You want the best for your kitten and so, you have to choose the best for it, as you choose for you. Those aspects include your research on durability, mental and physical stimulation, toy size and type, price, budget, safety, and playtime monitoring. Let’s take them one by one and expand a little bit.

    What To Consider When Buying Kitten Toys:


    Some kittens are big breeds, some are small, but all of them have sharp claws and teeth. So the product that you decide must meet some durability standards, otherwise, it can fall apart in a week let’s say, especially if u have more than one kitten full of energy and all the time playful.

    Mental and physical stimulation

    Kittens must develop their predator instincts, cognitive abilities, solving problems skills, hunting, chasing, jumping, and so on. All these aspects are important, and they play an essential role in their development of exploring new things and getting to know themselves.

    Toy type and size

    Make sure you select toys that are specifically made for kittens because adult cat toys aren’t suitable for them. For example, a flapping fish can be too large, and many kittens will find it inappropriate to play, compared with their age and size. At the same time, the toy mustn’t be too small, because it can swallow it. Pay attention to those products that are or have detachable small parts, or that haven’t been sewn properly. When we speak about types we have:

    1. Homemade toys – are made from basic stuff that you have at home, like paper bags, carton boxes, balls from the aluminum folio, shower rings, etc. They are an option along with your creativity if you want to save some money.

    2. Feeder toys – They help to modulate the amount of food that your kitten eats, in case it’s eating too much and too fast at once.

    3. Catnip toys – Kittens react to catnip-stuffed toys by starting to “purrr”, rubbing their bodies and heads in the catnip, rolling around, and running around the room. It helps the kitten to sharpen their instincts by biting, kicking, and more. Also helps to relax and reduces kitten stress.

    4. Scratcher toys – These toys are coming with an incorporated scratcher and help the kitten to stretch out and remove the sheaths from their claws. Teach your kitten to scratch the toy and not your sofa and at the same time, it will start to play around it.

    5. Laser pointer toys – Because kittens crave catching their prey, this gadget does the job. You will see your kitten jumping, skidding the floor, and scrambling the walls. But sometimes they lose interest, discouraged by the fact that they will never capture the red dot.

    6. Electronic toys – These toys are also a great option for kittens to sharpen their instincts. They come in different forms, like flapping fish or mice, racing tracks, an automatic robot with wheels and feathers, remote control motion mice, feather teasers, squeaks, and chirp sound birds, and the list can continue.

    7. Exercise toys – Toys like fishing poles are perfect for your kitten to move the muscles in a way that normally it wouldn’t do on their own. Encourage them to climb on a rope or on a kitten tree or kitten condo. Even better if u have the possibility to install a running track on the walls.

    8. Interactive toys – In this category get in all the toys that mimic predatory games. As long as your toy gives up captured, then hiding behind the furniture will be so fun.


    Being so many toys on the market, so there’s so easy to spend a lot of money on different toys. If you buy online, be sure that the product that you choose is worth the money and fits your kitten’s “taste”.


    This is the perfect and the proper way to save some money on some good-looking toys. Instead of buying shiny toys, don’t overspend because you like them. Maybe your kitten doesn’t.


    The materials from which the toys are made are very important. Of course, we give a thumb up to the companies who really do research and implement their ideas into our little fur friend’s safety. Always, when you buy a new toy, check for strings in which your kitten might get entangled. Or small pieces that your kitten might swallow.


    Most of the toys come with an informational manual. Read it and if it’s the case, put away the toys that can be a potential hazard. If you’re going away from home, don’t let them be accessible.


    Give your kitten the impression of a successful hunt. Every time you end up playing with your kitten, give it a meaty treat, so it can have the satisfaction of a real hunt, killing and eating the prey.
    The best time of day to play. It’s morning and evening. In this period, kittens/cats are naturally more active. Let them play, you will increase the bond between you and them.

    Biting-hands play? No. They don’t know they hurt you, so train them to avoid this behavior. As they age, they become more powerful and more destructive. When their claws and jaws get out of control, stop playing with them immediately, so they will understand the fun has ended.

    best kitten toys


    What are the behaviors of a cat?

    For example, the most common cat habits include purring, grooming, kneading, and climbing. But each cat will engage in these activities differently. Pay attention to your cat’s behavior and determine what is “normal” for your cat, so you can be aware of unusual behavior that may require a trip to the vet.

    Do cats need a lot of toys?

    Cats can make just about any small, lightweight object into a toy, so it’s not necessary to go out and spend a lot of money on them. But, for indoor cats, toy fatigue is a very real problem. Because they have natural hunting instincts, cats and kittens need to be regularly engaged in meaningful play, but they also require variety. Imagine living an entire life within four walls playing with the same games and the same toys, day after day, year after year.

    Should you leave cat toys out?

    Cats get that feeling too, except it’s with toys. So, despite the notion that lots of toys bring hours and hours of fun, the truth is that cats with too many often become overwhelmed, frustrated, and even bored. Instead of leaving toys out all the time so that they lose their appeal, toys can be put out of sight.

    Is it OK to leave cats alone for 3 days?

    No matter how independent your cat is, we do not recommend leaving your cat alone without daily visits from a friend or a professional cat-sitter for more than two or three days. Today, there are many options to care for your cat while you are away. Keep in mind that, cats tend to be independent, territorial animals.

    Is it better for a cat to be indoor or outdoor?

    Indoor cats typically encounter fewer physical risks than those exposed to the outside world and for this reason, many live longer and physically safer lives. … Indoor-only cats are also protected from contracting infectious diseases from other cats such as FIV, feline leukemia, and feline infectious peritonitis.


    Sneaking around, hiding, pouncing, and popping out from corners are the greatest activities that your kitten enjoys. If she/he lies around and bat at things lightly, or if it’s chasing things actively, or getting inside boxes, tight spaces, and anything that looks like a tunnel, it means you have a beautiful fur-ball of energy.

    Hopefully, now you had a better idea about the 12 best kitten toys in 2022 out there, and you will choose suitable for you and your kitten. These things are the most relevant for your kitten, and the toys are playing a revealing role in her/his development.

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