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Why do kittens love to sleep in our bed?

Why do kittens love to sleep in our bed?

If you are a bigger kitten owner then you know situations when your feline jumps on your bed and sleeps next to you, at the end of your feet or almost on the head. When kittens are very small they should sleep in a safe place like their own bed or box together with their mum, but here we talk about kittens who are active and away from their mums. Some kittens like to go under a blanket. In this article we want to find out why do kittens love to sleep in their bed?

A lot of times when you own a pet your bedroom is no anymore completely yours. Do we let our pets sleep with us? It’s already everyone’s choice. Cats in general do not like to be alone even we can think the opposite way. 

So here are reasons why do kittens love to sleep in our beds:


Being small predators they have a survival instinct and if they come to sleep with you it means they want to protect them just in case some other predator attacks. Also, it means they trust you and do not see you as a threat. 

Most of the time kittens will choose to sleep with their caregiver who cleans a litter box and feeds them because they are motivated by food. 

Kittens as part of their survival instinct like to see the door as it is a secure way out and if your feet are faced opposite your bedroom door more likely kitten will sleep there. Sometimes when it is too hot it is also a nice spot because our feet tend to be cooler. 


Who does not like warm blankets that feel nice and comfy right? Cats love being warm. When we sleep we generate a lot of heat especially in the middle area and heart where blood is pumping so this is why we are the perfect place for kittens to cuddle up. 


We all know cats in general like their territory and this is why they want to show your bed as well as theirs. They mark territory by walking slowly on your bed or rubbing head-on objects and you. This is how they release so-called pheromones that are located in their paws and head in glands. 


Relieves stress – petting helps to reduce anxiety and even depression. It is scientifically proven that all animals reduce the stress levels in the human body. 

If you are among those people who always feel cold here you have a natural heater. Not only do kittens benefit from you and get warmer, but you as well. 

Improves your bond – the more you spend time with your fluffy friend, the better communication and bond you two have. Sometimes people live alone and feel lonely so it is good to have a feline friend at home. Cats are loyal and it is not true that they do not care much about people and do not need love. 


Dirty bed after your kitten was outside playing. Not every owner will let pets outside, but some do, so think about how dirty your sleeping area would be. 

Cats do not sleep all night and have a lot of energy at dawn. If you are a light sleeper like me it can affect your sleep and wake you up. 

Allergies – if you are sensitive and have allergies make sure you change sheets all the time because of hair. 


To sleep with your kitten in bed is already your choice, but it can be a very nice experience because you can both benefit from that. You will notice that your kitten sometimes will sleep in other places because they like to change things. 

Each kitten is as individual as a human being with its own character and ways how to live and how to feel safe. We hope this helped you to answer some questions on why do kittens love to sleep in your bed and if you have any concerns please speak with a professional.

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