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What Kittens Do At Night? 

what kittens do at night

You get a small kitten and are wondering how to look after your little friend. Kittens are possible to train from a very young age, but there are some behaviors that we as humans do not really understand. For example, what do kittens do at night while we are sleeping our 8 hours?

If you think that you being in bed or sleeping would change their behavior and they would be less active you are wrong because they do not care much. Even kittens like to sleep a lot, but it is not at the same time as we do. Kittens usually get very active after dawn and for sure do not sleep 8 h at night as we do so here I was curious to do some research about kitten’s activities at night.

Here are some kitten activities at night:


Kittens love to play even during the night so do not be surprised to hear some noises because your kitten is trying to play with all sorts of objects at your home. Usually, simple things like cardboard boxes, fluffy toys, or toilet paper will fit. When you sleep it gives an opportunity to explore a house without you being on the way. One of the kitten and cat’s favorite things is zoomies. Basically, it is when your kitten takes all corners at fool speed and makes galloping sounds.


Kittens if they live indoors will not hunt the same way as outdoor cats and hopefully there are no rats or birds at your home. But still, kittens are hunters by their nature and they can still hunt at home, for example, some spiders or other small creatures. If your kitten is already that age to go outside and you let her do so hunting can be a very exciting thing during the night.


How many times in my life passing by some house window I could see a kitten sitting there and looking outside of the window with big shiny eyes. Cats in general are very curious pets so they can spend hours just sitting there and watching for birds, mice, or some other animals. When a kitten starts to scratch a window glass and make some sounds it means she wants outside.

Make sure that you organize some cozy place for your kitten to sleep because not always your kitten will come to bed and if she does it might wake you up. If your kitten makes a lot of noise during the night and wakes you up it can be annoying, so what to do?


Make sure after consulting with your vet that your kitten is healthy and rule out medical problems. Then make sure you play with your kitten in the evening and give a food later at night so, in this way, you match your schedule with kittens. If your kitten will eat later more likely there will be no need to wake you up at night asking for food. Being hunters they like to find food in different places, so try to hide some snacks around the house.


One more thing that kittens do at night and day is play. At a young age, kittens can be very active and if you want to sleep well during the night playing with your fluffy friend is a must.

Very important is to remember to use safe toys for cats so they can not swallow a toy as it can be very fatal. Daily playtime creates an amazing connection with you and your kitten, gives positive energy, and is great for physical activities. Buy different toys and see which one is their favorite.

Another great idea is to make your house suitable for playing around without your presence and one option is to get a wall scratcher post or cat tree. Kittens like horizontal and vertical posts so set up different types in a couple of places at your house. Kittens also like to hide so buy a cardboard box and cut out holes.

If you have any plants make sure it is not toxic for a kitten because some plants are. One of the plants you can buy is the catnip plant. Toxic plants and flowers for cats are: violets, lilies, sago plants, cannabis and many more so be sure to check this before buying any.


You might think your kitten needs some lights to see at night, but actually, this is not the case because a kitten’s eyes have more photoreceptors than humans have. So they can see at night very well and you do not need to worry about that.


If your kitten cries at night you need to understand the main reason because it can be loneliness, anxiety, health problems, wanting to eat or drink, trying to go outside or inside the room, or just being bored.

If the kitten wants attention this is usually the reason professionals suggest not to give one. I know maybe it sounds harsh, but if you will get out of bed every time your kitten cries and wants attention you will show her that it is the normal way how to behave. This is why as I mentioned before you need to spend time with your kitten around one hour before bed.

Cats love human attention and are friendly animals despite what other people think. If your kitten gets along with other cats you can think about one more kitten in your family, but it very much depends on your pet’s character.

Kittens also can cry and scratch your bedroom door because they want to get in. Unfortunately, it is not much you can do in a situation you do not want your kitten sleeping in bed or even on your face. Be patient and maybe buy some earplugs while your kitten stops.


Teaching your kitten to particular behavior traits is the same as parenting and you need to be consistent and patient. Kittens at a younger age can be more problematic so try not to take in a kitten younger than 12 weeks without the kitten’s mother. I hope you enjoyed reading what kittens do at night. If all suggestions do not work then please see your vet for any advice and hope you can sleep tight.

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