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Top 5 bad kitten habits and how to stop them

Top 5 bad kitten habits and how to stop them

The same as humans kittens have bad habits too, but is this something we need to accept, or actually we can do something about it. So it is important to know the top 5 bad kitten habits and how to stop them. For cats in general scratching, jumping, or urinating outside of the litter box is a completely fine and natural behavior. End of the day they are hunters and animals. 

But you as a pet owner probably not very happy about your furniture or wallpaper being ruined. So here we combined the top five bad kitten habits and how to stop them from making a mess. 

Scratching wallpaper and furniture

The main reason why kittens scratch walls or furniture is to remove the old outer layer of their claws. Also, they like to leave a scent and this is how kittens mark their territory which is the normal instinct for cats. Some tips on what to do: 

Get a wall scratcher for kitten

If your kitten would be outside she would scratch wooden surfaces or tress, so it is very important at home to give some alternatives. The best scenario is to have more than one in different areas of the house. As cats like to stand on their two feet while scratching something make sure you buy quite a high and steady scratcher so your feline can have better stretch for the body. 

  • Make homemade spray bottle with citrus essential oil

Kittens do not like the scents of citrus, peppermint, and vinegar and this is why you can spray places with homemade liquid on the areas you do not want them to put their claws in. It will help for sure to keep kittens away. 

  • Buy a climbing tree 

All cats love to climb on trees outdoors and this is natural instinct for them, so when they start scratching your walls it might mean they want to climb. So to buy a climbing tree for your kitten can be a very good idea to give more exercise and climbing options. 

Jumping on tables

This is another bad kitten habit in general because we have cat hair everywhere even in our food. Who wants to eat some food and have some hair in their meal. 

kitten jumping on tables

Why do kittens ump on tables? Well, they like food like all of us and they know sometimes it might be there. Also, it is good to place where to relax safely. Do not worry there are some ways you can implement to avoid this situation:

  • Double tape with both sides sticky will be the perfect way how to keep your kitten away from a table. Just stick it on the corners and see what’s gonna happen. More likely your kitten after jumping on the sticky side will get away from your table very quickly. 

  • Take away a chair. Obviously, it will work only for younger kittens, but not for developed adult cats. 

  • Use some cooking sheets because kittens do not like a weird noise from it when jumping on them. Kittens are curious creatures and if there is nothing on a counter or table it is possible they will just leave. 

  • Keep your kitten in another room while cooking to avoid her eating something that is not suitable for her and having digestion problems or even getting some injuries with knives. If your kitten is in the kitchen and you notice she jumps on a table all the time make sure she is not hungry by giving kittens food or treat.

Peeing outside of litter box

There can be a couple of reasons why your kitten peeing outside of the litter box everywhere in your house. This is a common problem for cat owners, but there is a way how to prevent urinary problems in the first place. It can be very frustrating and we do not want our house to smell urine all over the place, so these tips might help: 

  • Medical issues

Peeing outside of a litter box not always is just a bad habit or dirty box, it can mean as well something serious as diabetes, urinary tract infection, bladder stones, or kidney problems. If you know that you do clean the litter box every single day and other reasons can not, do not hesitate and go to see a vet for a professional check-up. 

  • Stress 

Cats usually do not deal with environmental changes very good and this causes stress and peeing outside of the litter box. You can ask these questions: 

Is there a new pet in your home or outside in the neighborhood that is visible to your feline?

Did you just move recently? 

Did someone pass away in your household? 

Where is your litter box located? And is it new litter that your kitten might not like? 

  • Dirty litter box 

Remember that kittens when they developed have 40 times more sensitive smell than humans do. If you do not feel the bad scent it does not mean your kitten feels the same, so make sure that you clean it every day. 

When a kitten’s litter box is too small and uncomfortable it will trigger the need to pee elsewhere. Choose a bigger litter box and try to keep it in a quiet and safe place. 

We have a separate article about litter training for kittens so check it out here: How to litter train kittens?

In general to prevent peeing problems we need to do checkups in a vet clinic and be educated, a responsible cat owner who creates a safe and positive environment for your cat. 

Night activities that bother your sleep 

When most humans sleep at night and feel tired late evening kittens can be opposite, full of energy at night and ready to play and run around. If this bothers your sleep you should plan playtime during the day and in the evening. Kitten will be used to it as they are creatures of habits. If you do not feed your feline in the evening then it can happen kitten will start asking for it, so better plan a late meal. 

Biting and aggressive behavior 

When your kitten just suddenly bites you and leaves your skin bruised probably it is not the best feeling, but you can change it for sure with training and patience. How to stop kittens from biting article you can read in our separate blog post. 

Aggressive behavior sometimes can be caused by medical problems, this is why first go to see your vet. Signs of sickness: losing or gaining weight, issues with eyes and ears, peeing outside of litter box, and other symptoms. 

If everything is fine try to absorb your kitten and understand the cause of it. As we mentioned before cats like their space and habits and when something gets out of order it can be very stressful and cause aggressive behavior. 

What to do very much depends on the cause, but here is some advice:

  • Let your kitten go to another room to save place if there is another cat or animal.

  • Give some treat to associate a bad situation with something pleasant. 

  • Play with your kitten so she or he does not have so much energy and it gives a more positive feeling.

  • Some kittens can live very friendly together with another kitten, but some like to protect their territory and they get aggressive to each other. You need to introduce kittens slowly to each other and how to do it we describe more in detail in this blog: How to introduce a kitten to a cat?


Hope this blog helped about the top 5 bad kitten habits and how to stop them to get some valuable advice about kitten behavior and how to stop them from bad habits. Cats are very clever and as you see for each problem there is a solution as long as you as a kitty owner can understand the cause of unpleasant behavior. Use treats, kind words, a soft voice, and sweet petting to endorse the kitten’s positive attitude.

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