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8 Tips To Enrich Your Indoor Cat’s Life

8 tips to enrich your idoor cats life

As a cat owner, you need to make sure that you take care of your cat and provide a positive and healthy environment at your home, so this is why we decided to create 8 tips to enrich your indoor cat’s life. We are sure that after following these tips, your cat will be very healthy and grateful.

We need to remember that before people domesticated cats, they were wild outdoor cats and endorsed a lifestyle quite different including jumping on trees, hunting birds, and mammals, and interacting with other outdoor cats. Not always these interactions were friendly, and this is why sometimes cats do not live very long. Also, wild cats are getting more diseases, so indoor cats being inside is quite good. Indoor cats have water and food in all different places, so the fight for resources is tiny. This is why even if your cat has everything, please understand that she is still a predator in heart and physical or mental stimulation is very important.

Let’s introduce you with 8 tips to enrich your indoor cat’s life here:


We all are quite motivated by tasty food, including cats, so hide some cat and kitten treats around the house to make food-finding more interesting for your indoor cat. You can give two basic meals in a bowl, but snacks need to be hidden. Balanced and healthy food is very important for your cat’s well-being and health. It gives healthy fur, energy, and nutrients.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you probably have the question in your mind: “Can my cat eat only vegetables?” By the veterinarian’s suggestion on the PDSA website, unfortunately, the answer is no, cats can not be healthy without meat because they really need nutrients you can find in meat.

Water is essential for humans and animals, and this is the reason why you should always have fresh water in a cat’s bowl. It is also an interactive drinking option if you use a water fountain. Cats love it.

We have many articles about the best kitten food that you can find on our website, so here is a list:


Only by observing your cat’s behavior, you as a pet owner can spot some health issues in the early stages. It is very important to check your cat’s health once per year, even if you do not see any changes. Only if you have a kitten, then vets suggest check-ups on a monthly basis.

VCA explained that it is not a right idea that in humans, one calendar year is equal to 7 years of a cat’s age. Unfortunately, they age faster because the little kitten is already an adult when it reaches the age of one year. It is always good practice to speak with your veterinarian about how often your cat needs health examinations because it depends on many factors such as lifestyle, age, and health.

Cats who live indoors still can get fleas, heartworms, and other unpleasant attackers, so it is good to know how to treat fleas on kittens and cats because there can be some differences. Kittens are tiny and more sensitive than adult cats.


You probably noticed that cats sleep very often, approximately 13 hours or more per day, and they are more active at night. In this case, it is very good to have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. There are many options in the market, but if you have a small kitten at home, you can read more about the best cat beds for kittens here:

Sometimes cats like to sleep in cardboard boxes and the reason is they feel safer. Cats can sleep in many places and positions, but each sleeping position means something different. For example, when a cat is curled up, it means she protects herself from heat loss. The loaf of bread is a popular position when a cat sleeps upright with paws tucked under, which means it is not a deep sleep, but just a nap. There are many other sleeping styles to read about.


Before we already mentioned that cats come from wild animals, and before they were hunters. This is why to make your cat happy you need to introduce a cat tree, a cardboard box, scratching post for kittens and cats at your home. Now, the choice of cat toys is endless, and you can find a suitable one for your pet. A very important thing to remember is that toys should be safe to play with.

Cats can gain weight the same as humans if they are not active enough, so make sure to find a time for playtime at least twice per day. Also, it works as bonding between you two.


We all like to look good and well-groomed, and cats are not an exception. Brushing hair and cutting claws are part of it and will make your cat happy. Brushing hair helps not only for good luck, but also improves blood circulation and keeps skin in good condition. The best practice is to teach your cat to brush while she is a small kitten because at the beginning she will not like it.

Sometimes, if you do not know how to cut a cat’s nails or do not have the right nail-cutting clippers, it can be challenging. A good idea is to ask a professional and teach them how to do it the right way. On this subject, we have an article on the best kitten nail clippers in 2022 that you might like, and it will guide you to make better choices when buying kitten nail clippers. If you have an adult cat, remember clippers need to be bigger.


Cats have their own personality and can be very different from each other. If you think that your cat might feel alone, and you spend not enough time at home, maybe it is time to think about adopting another kitten. Some cats are very social and like to play with other cats. The best is to have two small kittens in the house, so they grow and play together because cats can be very territorial as well.

But if you already have one at home and introduce a kitten to a cat you can read more here.


To pet your cat is so relaxing, even healing for both you and your pet. Stress is part of our everyday lives, but for some people it is too much, so having a cat or dog can be very helpful. Who does not like the purring sound of a cat when pet?

According to a scientific study in Australia, cat owners have better mental states than those who do not have any pets. People who own a pet are more tolerant towards animals and learn how to take care of someone else who depends on them.

There is a right way or wrong way to pet your cat, otherwise, you can get some hissing on you, scratches, or bites on your hands. One of the most likable places to cats is the area under the chin. Some cats can get very addicted to it and will ask to pet them all the time. Another good place is the forehead and chin. A rule of thumb is a place where your cat has scent glands.

In general, if your cat does not like to be petted, often respect boundaries and leave her alone. When your pet comes to you and asks, it is a green light to pet, otherwise, avoid it.


They are very clean animals and this is why keeping your cat’s litter box clean at all times is a must. It is also important that you know what type of litter box to buy for cats. Usually, cats like an uncovered and large enough litter box, and after you find the right one, you need to litter train your cat.

Not only a type of litter is something to consider, but also where it is located because it should be in a quiet and safe place. If you have one cat, it is good to have two litter boxes in different areas of the house.

Please read this article about litter training kittens here:


There will always be all sorts of opinions about keeping cats only indoors or letting them be outside. This is every pet’s owner’s choice, but we know for sure that indoor cats are more healthy if treated right, which saves your veterinary bills. Most cats who grow at home are not really interested in leaving their comfort zone. When you bring home an outdoor cat, then the switch to indoors should be gradual and the home should have areas for activities to have enough entertainment and stimulation that the cat could get outside. Install some shelves on walls or perches where a cat can get some sunlight, and this is how you provide a view outside from the window.

We are sure if you implement all our suggestions on 8 tips to enrich your indoor cat’s life, your cat will be very grateful, and you will be our best friends forever!

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