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Kitten Constipation: Causes And Treatment

Kitten Constipation: Causes And Treatment

If your kitten is litter trained and usually goes to poo in the litter box not always you can straight away notice that there is no stool inside and there is a kitten constipation problem. It is not only one reason why your kitten can be constipated so it is important to find the cause and treat it as soon as possible. Kitten constipation causes and treatment articles will give basic knowledge of what you need to know.

Also good to know is that kittens under one month can not poop alone, they need extra help to stimulate the anus area. Usually, the kitten’s mother helps in this process, but if you have an orphanage kitten then you need to do it yourself. Ask your vet how to do it the right way. 

To avoid kitten constipation you need to give the best kitten food that is out there and you can read our article here. Good quality ingredients in the food are very important for your cat’s well-being. Hopefully, this short guide will help you to better orientate what to do when a kitten is constipated.


Like humans kittens as well need water and lack of it can cause all sorts of health problems, especially hard poop. Here are the reasons for constipation:

  • A diet that does not suit your kitten, for example, you give adult cats food instead of kittens food, dry food all the time. 
  • Medical problems such as congenital defects and megacolon, a condition. causing too soft a colon so the kitten can not pass stool properly.
  • Medication. 
  • Heavy intestinal parasite infections.
  • Kittens get dehydrated when they do not have access to fresh water.
  • Not enough stimulation at a young age. Usually, the kitten’s mother stimulates the genital area with her tongue so the kitten urinates and poops easier, but after a few weeks kittens usually can do it themselves. 
  • Not enough regular exercise and weight gain.


When your kitten does not use a litter box to poop one day do not get worried straight away, it can happen for kittens, but if you see that it is 48h then it is important to go to see a veterinarian and ask for help. Here are symptoms that will help you to determine kitten constipation faster:

  • Loss of appetite 
  • Vomiting 
  • No stool or a very small amount of stool in the litter box
  • Accidents outside of litter box
  • The kitten is tired and not so active as usual
  • When passing a stool make sounds
  • A bloated stomach that is easy to see if your kitten does not have a lot of furs
  • Blood or mucus in the stool 
  • Red and swollen anus 

There are more common symptoms and if you will be aware of them you can recognize red flags quicker so your little kitten can be happy and healthy.


If your kitten just started to get symptoms of constipation, but still is active there are some things you can try at home before going to a vet. The first thing to do is make sure that your kitten has water. 

To help your kitten’s stomach you can buy sugar or cinnamon-free canned pumpkin that is high in fiber. Kittens usually like the taste of pumpkin and you can add up to puree some water or bran. 

Deworming your kitten, especially from roundworms, is very important. Worms can be just annoying and life-threatening to your kitten’s health. 

Massage your kitten’s belly after he is weaned off because as I mentioned before kitten’s mother usually helps to stimulate. Also, make a warm bath for your kitten and to stimulate a but can help. 

Try to exercise and play more with your kitten because an active lifestyle helps stimulate the intestinal tract. 

Good bacteria is always important in our gut so make sure to give your little friend probiotic supplements.

If nothing helps and the kitten is constipated for many days then you need to see a veterinarian. In some cases, they will prescribe medication Lactulose that stimulates feces to go through the digestive tract or enema, but never do it at home without professional training on how to do it. The vet can also examine how big a constipation problem there is.


The best thing to do as mentioned before is to make sure your kitten is drinking enough water. Make sure he has fresh water in an easily accessible place. In this case, a lot of cat owners buy cat mountain and it works. High fiber foods can be suggested by veterinarians because it increases the number of stools and helps food digestion. 

Do not let your kitten eat any items that might harm and brush fur regularly to avoid hairballs in the digestive system causing problems.  

After your kitten eats dry or wet kitten canned food make sure that you add some water to dry food kibble. 

Sports are always good for any animal and human being so why not be active together with your pet? 

Can a cat die from constipation? 

Megacolon is a life-threatening illness that leads to hypertrophy of the colon so the short answer is yes it can happen. 


Depending on your kitten’s constipation level and longevity you need to be aware of symptoms and home remedies to treat your kitten’s constipation at home. But you need to be a responsible kitten or cat owner and go to see a specialist if the problem does not go away within 48 hours.  

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