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How to litter train kittens?

How to litter train kitten

Teaching your kitten how to use a litter box is one of the first things a cat owner like you has in your mind right? Some kitten owners can think it is a very difficult process how to litter train kittens, but actually, it is not true because kittens have a strong instinct to bury the evidence after doing the deed. Still, it is important to train kittens as early as we can so everyone is happy. Here are some tips on how to litter train kittens and establish proper litter box behavior quick: 

  1. Pick the right litter box and the amount

The vet’s recommendations are to have two litter boxes for one cat and to place them in different rooms with some privacy, so the kitten can find a favorite spot. If you have many cats make sure that you do not put kitten litter boxes together to avoid territorial fights because we know cats like their space. 

There are many types of litter boxes starting from simple ones to eco-friendly and so on, but we would suggest trying classic no scent litter and going from there. An even better option is to use the same litter your kitten used before coming to your home. If your cat has any allergies or breathing problems it is better to contact your vet. Also, make sure that for a kitten you have a shallow litter box for easy access, and after it grows you can buy an adult litter. 

  1. Choose the right place for litter box 

Kittens need to feel safe and noisy places with passing people will not be a good option to place kitten litter like the laundry room, living room, or kitchen. The best place is a bathroom or a toilet as long as you keep a door half-open. Please do not put a litter box next to food or water because they will not like it. If you have a big house with many floors it is good to keep one on each floor. 

  1. Clean the litter box on daily bases 

We want our house to be without unpleasant smells therefore we need to clean the kitten’s litter box all the time. A clean box is more pleasant for kittens because we humans do not like to go into the dirty toilet either and of course, it is better for you. The litter box should be changed once per year and make sure to clean it with unscented soap and warm water every month. Use enzyme cleaner outside a box if your kitten had some accident, so in this way eliminate the bad smell. Do not use cleaners that contain chemicals and strong bleaches as they can harm your pet. A very easy way how to keep things organized is to keep a litter disposal system next to the box so it is easy to clean. 

  1. How to encourage a kitten to use a litter box?

When you bring a kitten to your house make sure you put it in the box and allow it to sniff and explore what it is. Do not move the box to different places after showing where it is because it can be confusing. Set your kitten straight after eating and see what is happening. 

Once your cat starts using the litter box it is useful to check on behavioral changes for example if your pet starts peeing outside the box or does not go to the litter box almost at all. In this case, it is important to visit a doctor to check your cat’s health. Do not scream or punish your kitten if there is an accident because it might cause only stress and it will not help with litter training at all. Give some treats every time you see your kitten using it. But sometimes they just seek attention or have a feeling someone intruded in their space.  

  1. How to litter train older cats?

How easy or difficult will be to train an older cat to use a litter box depends on is it an outdoor cat or an indoor one. It is easier to train indoor cats because they are already familiar with a litter box. Still, it is not impossible for outdoor cats because they have their instincts and if you do it in the right way your outdoor pet will be fine. Place one litter box in a more quiet area like a bathroom or behind some plant that is safe for cats, but make sure your pet does not use it as a toilet. Fill up boxes with outdoor soil and put another bow near the exit, gradually replacing a box with cat litter. 

Cat owners a lot of times want a litter box that is not so obvious like with a cover, but unfortunately, a lot of cats do not like this because they feel trapped and not safe. A covered box can also have more odor so the car wants to use some other place with less smell. Electronic sounds of self scooped litter box might seem a good idea, but the noise can scare your pet. In this scenario, it is better to choose the classic open litter box option.

Cats obviously get old as we humans so make sure that an older cat who suffers from joint pain and stiffness can easily get in the box if no make sure to change it. 

  1. Is it possible to toilet train a cat?  

Cat toilet training is possible but is this necessary you better consult with a veterinarian. Especially it is hard for older cats and also cats who most of their life used a litter box, so you should not push in this case. It is hard to monitor your cat’s health if there are any urination problems. So, in general, we would say that it is not a good idea to toilet train a cat. 


If you do it in the right way as we described should not be a big problem to train kittens and cats because it is harder with dogs. The most important part is to clean a litter box every day to avoid any unpleasant odor at your place and also to make your pet feel comfortable and like at home. 

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