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How to introduce a kitten to a cat?

How to introduce a kitten to a cat

So you decided to have one more kitten in your family and could think it will be all easy, unfortunately not always it is that way. You need to be aware that your existing adult cat might not be so happy and this is why you need to know how to introduce a kitten to a cat and make preparations even before you bring your little kitten home.

We need to remember that even if your cat has a nice personality she is still a cat and they like their territory and are not so happy about changes. Please consider your adult cat’s age and personality. 

Here we combined all that you need on how to introduce a kitten to a cat and to make sure the introduction between cats go smooth and you all live happily under one roof: 

  1. Pheromones are a good thing to use on your adult cat without using any drugs some weeks before your kitten arrives home. This is how your cat will become calmer and accept a new family member more easily.  
  1. Prepare your home before your little kitten arrives and put her things around the house where it is safe and accessible to your adult cat to get familiar with the smell. The best option is to choose a base camp for your kitten, the place that your cat does not use much. It can be any place in your house as long as there is a human scent to help feel at home. Keep your kitten alone in this space. How to say when your kitten doesn’t like it? Usually, it would be a door scratching, mewing for a long time, and swiping on you when you leave the room. 
  1. Before introducing a cat to a kitten it is good to introduce each other’s scent by giving their towel to smell. If it is possible, bring your kitten’s towel with her scent to your cat already before even bringing her home. This is how you will see your adult cat’s reaction and how fast or slow she accepts the scent. 

Allow exploration of each other’s territory. The best way to do it is to let your cat in the kitten’s room alone and close the door. So she has time to explore and smell things. Allow your new kitten to walk around and explore your home.   

How to introduce a kitten to a cat
  1. When your kitten arrives make sure that you keep both pets in different rooms, your adult cat should have with her all favorite things. If your cat comes to you while you are carrying a kitten, let her smell and introduce each other without leaving your kitten unsupervised. Ensure that the new kitten’s room contains: toys, litter tray, hiding places, scratching post, water, and food bowl. 

After a few days of trying to put a kitten in a carrier box so they can smell and see each other from a safe distance. It is completely normal if they start hissing or growling. Some cats will just run away, but after some time curiosity will take over and your cat will come again to meet a kitten again. 

Try to feed your felines at the same time so your adult cat is not jealous and associates this with a nice experience. 

  1. Allow your cat to show who is in charge. During this time your older cat can start showing his attitude by hissing and swatting to establish a hierarchy so a kitten is taught about boundaries in your house, so let her do that. 
  1. With some time and patience, most cats will accept a new kitten. Let your kitten have more freedom to move around the house, but still keep an eye on the situation. The worst thing you can do is to keep both cats in the same room without giving them toys, playing with them, or other things to do. In this phase, cats should feel comfortable with each other’s presence even without physical contact, but if aggression appears it is time to use a barrier and go back to the previous stage. 


When you see that your cats are friendly and you think there is nothing to worry about, you can leave them alone for a longer period of time. For them not to feel the competition, make sure that both cats have their own places to hide and things to use. But remember cats as humans can have good relationships for some while and then suddenly they have some argument, this is why if you see that it goes out of control we suggest you see a professional.

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