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How Many Cat Personalities Are There?

human cat

Sometimes from people I would hear that cats are cats and they are all the same. Hmm…is it? After some research I found out five main cat personality types to show you that this is a wrong misconception. This is why in this article I will answer this question: “How many cat personalities are there?” 

Cats like humans have different characteristics and it is good to know for the future if you ever want to adopt a baby kitten. This is the way to understand your match between you and a cat. Let’s say if you are very active maybe you want a very friendly and active cat as well so you can spend more time together. I do not say it is always the truth as more introverted people can still have very active cats, but it is good to know. Also, there are different cat breeds and therefore not the same personalities. 

 Dr. Lauren Finka of the University of Lincoln in England made a study where she took interviews of more than 200 cat owners. In this study she came up with five cat personality types and you can read about them in the next chapter. 

Table of Contents

5 Types Of Cat Personalities

1. The Human Cat

cat personality
Credit: Oleg Ivanov

I think here it is very clear that this type of cat personality loves people’s company and will be around most of the time. These cats are good pets for family. Especially if you want a cuddly cat who you can take in your hands, massage her or brush easily. 

But there is also a downside. These cats miss people around them they can get very sad and anxious if left alone for a longer time. Make sure you provide plenty of cat toys for your kitten. They can also be jealous of other people and cats, so make sure that a human cat gets enough of your time. If you are away for a long time because of work or other reasons this cat personality might not be for you. 

2. The Hunter Cat

hunter cat
Credit: Markus Bieck

Cats by nature are hunters because you need to remember that a long time ago all cats were wild cats. They came to people’s houses or gardens just to hunt mice. Later people domesticated them and cats became home pets, but still cat hunter instincts are there. Hunter cats have very wild nature and simple playtime with toys does not always interest them. Instead do not be surprised that your cat brings home some dead bird. 

Of Course they want to show their prey and they are proud of it, but for us and especially little kids it might not be the best experience. 

The hunter cats locked up in home can feel unhappy. They are suitable for the countryside being outdoors and if you have some mice to get rid of you should choose a hunter cat.

3. The Cat’s Cat

cats personality
Credit: Calvin Chai

How many times have I seen two cats getting aggressive to each other protecting their territory.  So that got me thinking, can pet owners have two cats under one roof? The answer is yes if you choose a cat’s cat personality type where both enjoy playing with each other. This type of cat personality prefers cats more than humans, so be aware of that. 

When you bring home one more cat it is very important to introduce your both cats properly. If your cats are siblings and grew up together it can be easier. So if you want a multi-cat household, not so much affection from your cats and you just enjoy them being around, playing with each other then it is the right choice.  

4. The Cantankerous Cat

cat personality
Credit: Malek Dridi

Quite difficult to pronounce cat personality type, but cantankerous cats are worth remembering if you want an independent cat. This cat type is not a cuddly one and asking for playtime. They do not like to be touched and can even run away when you try to do that. Give this cat space and she will come to you when feel like it. There is one motivator here and this is food and snacks. 

I would say this is the type of cat humans tend to think of when they say: “cats are not friendly and like to be on their own.” But as we already see, not all cats are the same. If you are away quite a lot and worry how your cat would feel alone all day don’t because a cantankerous cat would be fine. 

5. The Inquisitive Cat

The inquisitive cats are very curious investigators so be sure every guest in your house will be sniffed and checked. They are not the same as human cats, but still quite enjoy the people around them and feel comfortable. Very often you can find them in some hidden spots, for example cardboard boxes. 

You can enjoy playtime with them because they like it and make sure you have different cat toys to keep them entertained. 

Scientists at the University of South Australia did other research on how many cat personalities are there based on questionnaires that included 52 characteristics. They came up with five traits: skittishness, outgoingness, dominance, spontaneity, and friendliness. You can read more here. 

Does It Matter What Type of Personality Your Cat Has?

I would say yes because for people as well matter with who we live together. Your dominant nature cat who likes his territory will have hard times to accept new kitten. So you need to know what to do in this case and notice any changes in your cat’s behavior. If you have two cats who constantly fight between each other it is not a pleasant experience not for you not for them. 

The same goes for a connection between you and your cat. If you know that you are not so much around at home or do not like to give a lot of attention to your cat, then get an independent cat who will be fine. If you have kids you probably want a more friendly cat who loves people and babies. By knowing personality types you can make easier decisions which cat to adopt. This will benefit you both and the cat’s living experience with you will be much more enjoyable. 

Hopefully after this blog about: “how many cat personalities out there?” you received basic information that will help you with a cat choice or better understanding your cat’s behavior. 

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