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Does Your Cat Love You? 10 Ways to Recognize

Does your cat love you

Does Your Cat Love You? 10 Ways to Recognize will help you to do so. This is the question cat owners usually ask because to earn cats love is not so easy compared with a dog. But it does not mean it is not possible. Sometimes it is hard to tell how your cat feels about you because one day she shows some love and other walks around like nothing happened.  Cats show their affection in different ways than humans, so there are ways to tell from your cat’s behavior, and this is why I wrote this blog. 

Pet owners have all sorts of characters themselves, some like a lot of attention from a cat, some not, but we all want to be loved by our feline. Mikel Delgado, cat behavior expert for over 20 years is sure that cats feel affection towards humans. She also says: Kittens that are handled by people at that time are going to be more open and trusting of people later in life.” This is why it is good to adopt a kitten in the age between 2 and 9 weeks, so it is easier for a kitten used to human care. 

Cats are more reserved to show their love in general, but it does not mean they do not love you. This is why to escape wondering “Does your cat love you?” It is your responsibility to know 10 ways to recognize that. So let’s dig in. 

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    10 Ways To Recognize That Your Cat Loves You

    Photo by Aiza Azkaril


    In psychology, body language is a very important factor in how to say someone’s feelings. This is why body language is very important when communicating with your cat. 

    1. Cat Rubs Against You

    This is a very good sign how to tell your cat loves you. Usually involves head rubbing or all body rubbing against their owners. This habit comes from childhood, when your kitten did the same with siblings and cat mum. When cats rub against things or humans, they transfer their scent. 

    Cats have scent glands that contain pheromones, and rubbing their body it stays there, giving a cat opportunity to recognize this scent next time. Cats like to mark their territory and this is one of the ways to do so. Usually if your cat rubs against you, it means: “Welcome home. I am happy to see you.” 

    2. Cat Showing Belly

    This position on the back definitely shows that a cat is comfortable and not feeling threatened. Also, it can be an invitation to play, and you can find some toys and play with a cat. Playing with your cat is bonding time, and also it is very important to avoid cat obesity. 

    When a cat’s belly is exposed you might think to rub it, but here you need to be very careful, especially with a cat that is not yours. Reaction here can go both ways, and you can end up with scratched hands. But I met some cats who love belly rubbing, so it all really depends on the cat’s character. 

    3. Cat Grooms You

    From a cat behavior specialist, it is clear that a cat sees you as a part of the feline family. When kittens groom each other it is a sign of trust and affection, so if your cat does that it is again a good sign. By licking your hand or head, a cat replicates what her cat mum did when she was a kitten. Basically, when your feline acts like you are a just bigger one, you are accepted as a part of the feline family. 

    4. Cat Is Meowing And Purring At You

    I think we can say when a meow is a nice one or an angry one. This is the way cats communicate with people, as they can not speak. Sometimes I imagine how funny or annoying it would be if cats could talk. 

    Siamese cats are quite big talkers, so if you want silence in your home it is better to stay away from this breed, explains Webmd.

    There are many reasons why your cat might “meow” some more concerning, for example your feline feels stressed or ill. On another hand, your cat meowing can mean “give me food” or “I want your attention.” 

    I love when I take a cat to cuddle, and she starts purring. I think it is one of the most relaxing sounds for me and really helps me to relax. So it means not only your cat is happy, but you feel great. Kittens are born blind and deaf, and cat mams purr sounds help them find her. 

    5. Cat Kneads Paws

    As we already know, cats have wild nature in them and hunting or marking their territory with their scent is part of the deal. Paws and nails have a very big role in this process. Very important scent glands are located in cats paws. 

    Pushing in and out with front paws is a gesture of wanting to release milk from a cat mum. These movements touch your hand in the same way you can see when they grow up. It is an instinct from a childhood and also one more sign that your cat loves you. 

    6. Cat Blinks Eyes

    There is another sign from the list of 10 ways how to recognize your cat loves you and it is eye blinking. When you think about human behavior and how we feel comfortable or not looking in someone’s eyes, you can make some parallels with cats. Do you always feel comfortable to look in strangers’ eyes? Probably not. Cats find this situation threatening if eye contact is with a stranger human or another feline. 

    If your cat looks in your eyes with that soft look and slowly blinks, you can be sure there is a big trust and adoration. You can return the same soft look and send good vibes to each other. Some call it “eye kiss.” 

    7. Cat's Tail Language

    Cats use their tails for many things, to communicate with others. It is like silent language, and it is good to know how to read it. If your cat greets you at the door, for example with a high tail up with a little curl in the end, it is a good sign. 

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    8. Cat Stays Around You Quite Often

    This is a very good way to tell your cat’s affection for you. There are cats who go almost everywhere you go and sit next to you while you watch TV. If a cat shows a back it is not rude for sure in the cat’s world, it simply means your cat trusts you a lot and does not feel fear or threatened. 

    9. Your Cat Sleeps In Bed With You

    cat sleeps in bed
    Adam Kuylenstierna

    When you have a very little kitten then it is better to keep the kitty in a safe place like a box or cat bed. After your kitten grows to an adult cat, you will notice that some cats come to bed and sleep with you. That mostly happens in the morning because cats feel more energetic and active at night. This behavior comes from their hunter instincts.

    Of Course there can be more practical reasons why your cat sleeps with you, for example they just feel cold. Anyway, it is the pet owner’s choice whether they want pets in their bedroom or not. I would prefer to keep my bedroom cat and dog free.

    10. Cat Brings You A “Gift”

    Maybe not the most pleasant experience when you see your cat bringing some dead bird or mouse in her mouth, but for them, it means: “hey, I can show you how to hunt. Or look what I got.” If you have an indoor cat, and she does not go out, then a toy probably would be the option. In both ways, it is a sign of pride and love towards you. 

    Now that you learned 10 Ways To Recognize That Your Cat Loves You, I hope you will understand your cat’s love language much better. If you feel that there is some barrier between you two, it is important to know how to improve your cat’s life. 

    The main point is to create an environment as close to natural space with climbing trees, scratching posts, different interactive toys to play and good quality food for kittens and cats. By creating a good home for you and your cat, it is very important. This is the beginning of a happy household and good relationship between you and your cat. 

    Let’s spread some love, and you send photos to our Instagram channel @pet_foodreviews, and we choose some in our feed. 


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