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Do kittens recognize their owners?

Do kittens recognize their owners

It was always in our minds: do kittens recognize their owners? How do they see The World around us?

And the answer is No, kittens or cats do not recognize humans by their faces as we do between humans, for them, all our faces look almost the same. But it does not mean kittens do not recognize their owners. 

So how do they do it? 

Kittens recognize a human’s voice and will respond accordingly, but also new studies show that kittens understand their names. If you call her and she does not respond it can be that she is just ignoring you. But do not take it personally. 

Actually, it is a good sign, your kitten heard you and acknowledged your voice, the name that made her feel safe. The opposite reaction can be from a stranger’s voice, especially if it is not a familiar voice. 

Cats are hunters by nature and this is why outdoor cats are long-sighted which means they see very far away to be able to hunt. Indoor cats are short-sighted. 

A lot of times people think that cats do not feel deep emotions and connections with their owners, but it is simply not true. 

One more way how kittens recognize their owners is a smell because they have 20 times better scent recognition than humans. Kittens have 80 million scent receptors in their nose, crazy right? No matter what perfume you’re gonna use, your feline will distinguish your scent and will find it comforting. 

When you use new perfume kittens will use Jordan’s organ or vomeronasal organ that is located in the upper part of the mouth to recognize your smell. Kitten will inhale it all in and keep it in her memory.

Also, kittens like to rub their head on you, and even though we think it is how they show affection there is some deeper meaning. This is how they mark you as a source of pleasure, so next time they know. 

Kittens And Colors

A very interesting study was made in London where scientists discovered that cats can see ultraviolet colors that humans can see only under a special light. Cats also can see better in dim light and it is because of the shape of their retinas. 

Kittens see things around probably in very different ways because they can not recognize red color because they have only some cones that respond to red. The colors that kittens see are: blue, grey, and yellow. 

Kittens And Other Sounds 

Not only dogs can come to your door and wait for you there when you come home. Kittens can remember and recognize your footsteps and also they are good at remembering your habits. 

One more way how kittens recognize owners or when the food is coming is human breathing. When people sleep they usually have more heavy breathing or even snoring and kittens will know that while they hear this sound no food or playtime is coming. 

Have you ever had a situation where you think your kitten just disappeared and you can not find her? Then after some while, she just shows up as nothing happened. Probably yes. 

Well, this is because kittens when they hear developed can say your location even when they are in another room. This was proved in a new study published in the journal Plos One. 

Cats and kittens were placed in familiar rooms with speakers inside and outside where they played three types of sounds: other cats, humans, and generic electronic sounds. The Thahagi team discovered that kittens and adult cats did not have strong reactions to other cats or electronic sounds, but familiar owners’ voices did. 


Sometimes people compare cats with dogs and feel upset because their kittens do not show the same affection as dogs do. But believe me, your kitten loves you and you are more than just a food provider. Kittens see you as a friend, someone who they can trust and feel safe even if not all will show that the way you want. Communication here is the key because as mentioned before they recognize owners by their voices. 

This is why it is so important for you before you take home any kitten to educate yourself about kitten behavior and how they show affection. Maybe after that, you will understand that you are more of a dog person which is completely fine. You also might enjoy this article: Why do kittens love to sleep in our bed?



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