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8 Cat Owner Mistakes To Avoid

cat owner mistakes to avoid

New or more experienced cat owner knowing how to avoid cat owner mistakes that can harm your feline’s health is so important. A lot of times you do not even think that this might be bad for your cat because it is a lack of knowledge, so with this article, we hope you will not do these mistakes again.

Cats as we know are not only unique in their look but also they have different personalities. Some cats are more friendly and active, but some are introverts and like their own space. But still, there are common things cats just do not like, and as soon as you stop doing them as better for you and your little friend.

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8 Common Cat Owner Mistakes To Avoid

Here we will talk about very common mistakes that cat owners do sometimes just because their parents or friends did or there is just not enough knowledge. Please read 8 top cat owner mistakes to avoid:


We put this cat owner mistake the first one for the reason. Very often people dream about having a cat or dog because it brings so much joy and it is true, but you always need to ask this question: “Am I ready for big responsibility? Do I have the time and money to support?” The same as kids animals need a lot of attention to keep them healthy and happy. For example, if you travel a lot and no one is at home this might be not so good idea. Many sad stories I heard over the years when people take a cat and then just leave it, so before we talk about even taking one please think twice are you ready for this commitment?


cats claws

This is definitely on top of our cat owner mistakes to avoid list because it is inhumane and maybe someone will think differently, but that is everyone’s opinion. Declawing your cat is mutating him or her just to avoid furniture scratching. For the rest of their lives, cats will never walk normally and will not be able to protect themselves from other animals if this procedure is done.

There are so many ways how to avoid and teach your cat not to scratch by providing scratching posts around your house. Also if you declaw your cat it can turn against you anyway and your kitty would start biting you. Believe me, your cat can even start avoiding you and your relationship become not so great.

AVM  discourages cat owners to declaw cats except for medical necessity. It is prohibited in a lot of countries including U.S. states.


I remember when I was little I asked my mum what are these loud crying sounds outside the window? She said: “Oh, no worries! It is cat season and happens every year.” Then I was not so sure what it means, but later I did. This is your responsibility to spay or neuter your cat to avoid unwanted kittens at your home or in general. Overpopulation of cats still is a problem in some countries for example in Cyprus. Spaying your cat will help to avoid some health issues for example cancer (mammary neoplasia).

Dr. Brushby informed in his article that cats get sexually active at age five months, so this is why spaying or neutering should be before this time. It is also medically and scientifically proven it is safe for cats’ health.


Many times pet owners can forget about plants at their home because they are so pretty and smell good, but unfortunately not all of them are good for your cat. What plants are poisonous to your cat and kitten you can read in another article on our website. So make sure before your bring home little kitten you tools away poisonous plants and flowers, but it does not mean that there are no replacement plants to use.


cat litter box

Cat litter box maintenance is very important as cats’ sense of smell is much stronger than humans. A lot of times cat owner’s mistake is to think that the reason why a cat pees outside is just that he or she behaves badly and there is nothing to do.

A litter train kitten or more adult cat is possible just with a little bit of knowledge and patience. The cat’s litter box should be cleaned every day and its placement as well needs to be in a safe place. The RULE is one cat should have two litter boxes. Even how high, wide, or material litter box is makes a big difference, so make sure to find the right one. If urinating outside of the litter box continues it can be a red flag for urinary tract problems and you need to see a vet.


Another cat owner mistake to avoid is not choosing the best food for their cat. The first thing to remember is cats are carnivores and they need meat protein to support healthy nutrition, so even if you are vegetarian your cat can not be. Good quality cat food for kittens or adult cats can be expensive and can contain grain fillers or some other unhealthy chemicals, but please try to find the best cat food within your budget. Good quality food will be AAFCO certified and in long run, your feline will be more healthy therefore avoiding often visits to the veterinarian.

Sometimes cat owners feed their felines only dry food, but it is not good because cats need both wet and dry food so kidneys can receive more moisture and work better. Even if there are pet owners who give cats and dogs bones from meat please do not do it because it can cause serious health issues. Better consult with your vet to find the best quality cat food that provides all the nutrients a cat needs.

One mistake cat owners do is to keep food out all day so the cat can eat all the time. This can cause extra weight for your pet and end up in health issues.


cat owner mistakes to avoid

One more cat owner mistake to avoid is sometimes connected with a lack of time or money and here we come to the first point we mentioned. Vet visits are not cheap, but you might think about insurance options available in the U.S.

Cats especially kittens or seniors should receive proper health care including pest control, all necessary vaccination like rabies, and other important health checks. Fleas on cats or kittens are quite a common thing so you can read our article: “how to get rid of fleas on kittens?” Your vet also will suggest to you the best shampoos for grooming and the most popular dewormers for kittens or adult cats.

Very often cat vomiting is perceived as a normal thing, but sometimes it can be a sign of serious illness like kidney failure or heart problem. In this case please bring your cat to the vet if vomiting is frequent.


Cat’s dental health sometimes is not taken seriously, but it should be. Cleaning teeth every day is good practice to keep your feline’s dental health on top. Over the age of three as cats grow very fast many cats have dental problems. You can check the cat’s teeth from time to time at home, but if it is not possible book a vet visit. Cat’s teeth should not chip off, and be white and clean. Proper toothpaste should be used at all times, so forget about human toothpaste for your cat. Dental cleaning is done by a veterinarian using anesthesia.


These 8 cat owner mistakes are very common and you are not the only one. We are not here to shame anyone if you already did some of them but to inform you and stop you from making them again. Cats are fun and loving pets who tend to hide their bad feelings. This is why sometimes cat owners think that everything is fine even if it is not and the only way how to prevent a cat from being sick is to take care of kitties’ health as much as you can.


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