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Top 10 Cat Breeds For Feline Lovers

cat breeds for feline lovers

The data was taken from Cat Fanciers Association, Inc (CFA) where they compared the number of cat registrations. Looks like there are more and more people who register their felines, meaning more cats are adopted. Unfortunately, we can not count here outdoor cats and there are still countries where this is a big problem. Please keep your cat indoors because they can live up to age 20, but outdoor cats a lot of times do not live more than age 10.

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The 10 Best Cat Breeds For Feline Lovers

1. Ragdoll

cat breeds for feline lovers

For three years in a row, this breed is on top of the list. Ragdoll cat really melts your heart with its medium-long hair, beautiful blue eyes, and sweet character. I was curious why it is named rag doll? Turns out these cats tend to go limp when you take them, and also they are very obedient cats.

Pet owners like to cuddle with their feline friends and this breed loves it, so this is one of the reasons why Ragdolls are in the first place. These cats are very good with small babies and are easy to train, even some tricks that dogs would know.

Ann Baker was a breeder who developed Ragdoll cat breed in 1960, and it consisted of free outdoor cats. No serious genetic illnesses are found so far, so as long as you take care of your cat by providing healthy nutrition and see a veterinarian every year it should be fine.

2. Maine Coon

cat breeds for feline lovers

Main coon cats are hard not to see because of their big size and long fur. They are very good hunters and were recognized by CFA as purebred in 1976. Many Main Coons have extra toes, which might look funny, but this is characteristic of this breed. Ears are big size to be able to protect from cols climate as originally breed comes from North America, where are cold winters. Being a big and little wild cat breed Maine Coon will not ask so much attention and if you want a lap cat probably it is not the option for you. But it does not mean that they do not like to be around people.

Compared with some other cats who hate water, this breed loves it, so do not be surprised to see your shower occupied. It is a good idea to provide surfaces for natural instincts like scratching posts and climbing trees because as mentioned before, Main Coons are good hunters and like to move around. Be sure if you have any mice in your home, they will be hunted.

3. Exotic

cat breeds

When I heard this name the first time, I was thinking what a weird name, and why it is called exotic? Apparently, it happened in an exhibition where two people passed by the cage and saw this breed and said: “It looks like a Persian, but it has short hair. The sign says Exotic. Exotic what?!”

Exotic really looks like a Persian cat, but with short hair, so it is much easier to groom this breed. Also, Exotic and Persian cats have very similar temperaments: loyal, sweet, and peaceful. They tend to jump on your lap to sleep, so if you like to cuddle up with your cat, it is a breed to consider.

Exotics mature later than other breeds, and this is why spraying or other adult needs will never be the issue. They like to play even when growing up, so Exotic will be an amazing family member at all times.

4. Persian

cat breeds

Persians have long strong fur in different colors and is called “smashed face” because of their facial features. This breed is very popular amongst cat lovers and breeders because of its affectionate and easy-to-adapt temperament that fits in all households. These cats tend to be quite lazy and if you leave the house there is a big possibility that you will find your feline in the same spot when you left.

At the same time, if you are not ready to invest time in grooming and taking care of its long fur, the Persian cat is not your first choice. It is a good idea to comb this cat almost every day and implement a bath routine at an early age. Remember to use the best cat or kitten shampoos, so fur can be shiny and healthy.

Persians can live up to 20 years with proper care and if you keep them indoors. By nature these cats are calm, and they like comfort, so being at home is completely fine for them.

5. Devon Rex

cat breeds

Devon Rex for sure takes fifth place in the top 10 cat breeds for feline lovers. Quite a funny-looking breed because of its slim body, curly hair, and small face, but big eyes and ears. People call it “monkey in the catsuit” because this breed is very active and loves to play. So if you are the same, this is the right fit for you. Be ready that Devon Rex will go with you everywhere, eat with you and sleep on your shoulder while you are watching a movie or reading a book. Because they are so friendly and need a human, please do not leave them alone for a very long time. If you are away from the house a lot, choose a better breed.

If you want a cat that is easy to look after, Devon Rex is a good idea because it has short hair. Still, there is some shedding and this breed is not hypoallergenic. There are different allergies for people and if you are allergic to cats make sure to check how it is for you with any cat breed because one rule does not fit all.

6. British Shorthair

cat breeds

If we compare British Shorthair and Devon cat from short hair family, this breed is much calmer than Devon Rex, and it attaches very deeply to humans. Not so active and acrobatic nature of this breed, more likely it will be clumsy. They do not grow up to full size until age three and are the oldest cat breed in Britain as far it is known so far.

British Shorthair breed is very popular in adverts on TV, for example, Whiskas and the movie Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. So no doubt it is one of the top cat breeds in the U.S. and maybe even in the World. For me, they are like big teddy bears you want to carry around but be aware they might not like it.

This breed is quite big, so make sure you get a litter box or even two suitable for your cat. These cats adapt easily to new living spaces as long as you provide a warm welcome and everything the cat needs.

7. Abyssinian

cat breeds

These cats also called Aby, look very elegant with slim bodies and big ears and are one of the oldest cat breeds in the World. If you have ever been to Egypt, like me, you probably have seen sculptures and paintings with ancient Egyptian cats that look like Abyssinians and also have short fur, and it is easy to look after. Typically, fur is red-orange colors.

If we talk about their temperament, these cats are very curious and active, so you can find them in all sorts of places, including the least accessible. If you want an active cat always on the move without asking for lap time all the time, then this cat breed is for you.

8. American Shorthair

cat breeds

We know dogs and cats do not always go along with each other, yet many dog owners also really want to have a cat. Good news for you because this is the perfect cat breed for you as American Shorthair cats are friendly with dogs, kids, and other animals.

The life expectancy is quite long, and they tend to have a strong health. This cat will be part of your family because they like to play, be carried by humans, and just have a good time. But be aware that his ancestors were trained to hunt rats and mice, so if you live in a house with a garden it can happen that your cat brings a trophy.

American Shorthair comes in many colors such as silver, brown tabby, blue, black cameo, or white, and has a medium to big size body.

9. Scottish Fold

cat breeds

Scottish Fold cat breed got its name from ears that are folded back and quite big eyes giving an owl-like look. There are two types of breeds: straight ears and with folded, caused by missing genes and random mutation. You will be able to see it only after three or four weeks because all kittens are born straight and later might change. The body is medium and rounded with short strong fur.

These cats are very loving, get attached to humans, sometimes one more than others, love to play, and are easygoing. They are very adaptable to the place, as the size of your house does not really matter. Easy to groom pet, so combing is necessary once per week.

10. Sphynx

cat breeds

This breed is the last in our top 10 cat breeds for feline lovers list. Some people find this cat breed a little scary or weird-looking. Sphynx definitely you can not mix with any other cat breeds. Also, it is a very new breed compared with others and not commonly found. You can think that it was made like that by humans, but it turns out it was a natural mutation. This breed is not always completely without fur, and it comes in colors like white, black, red, chocolate, and lavender. Because they do not have fur, they can feel cold, so some cat owners put on them a jumper. The skin is loose and wrinkly which gives this funny look.

The Sphynx cat breed is a very loving, playful, and attention-seeking pet that loves to show off in front of you. They are great with other pets, seniors and kids. Sphynx are active and need entertainment for menthol stimulation. Put climbing trees and high bookshelves around the house and your cat will be very happy. Because of their curious nature, this breed can get in trouble, so cat-proof your home.



Hopefully, you enjoyed our list of top 10 cat breeds for feline lovers and maybe even decided on which cat breed is for you. If not, there are many other breeds out there, and we are sure everyone can find what fits them. To choose a suitable cat breed for you and your family, you need to think about some aspects:

  1. Cat’s personality (active, lazy, attention looking),
  2. Long hair, medium or short hair,
  3. Genetic illnesses, veterinary care, and life span,
  4. How good with kids and other pets,
  5. Can this breed be alone for a long time or not,
  6. Space of your apartment or house,
  7. Male or female.

Cats are amazing pets and can bring so much joy to your life, but also you need to really think about all mentioned points and ask yourself “Can I really take care of the cat?” If your answer is yes, happy for you because you will get a great addition to your family or just you.

All cats need a loving home, dedicated areas with climbing trees, shelves to play, scratching posts to sharpen their claws, playtime with favorite toys, healthy cat and kitten food, clean water, and professional health checks every year if there are no other emergencies. If you provide these basics, we are sure your cat of any breed will be satisfied.


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