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8 Best Scratching Posts For Kittens In 2022

best scratching posts for kittens

Choosing the best scratching post for a kitten can be a very time-consuming experience, so this is why we decided that you might need a little help. This is why we already did some research for you to give you the 8 best scratching posts for kittens in the market.

When you come home with your little kitten, it is a very exciting time. After she grows a little stronger and more active, you realize that your wallpaper or your favorite sofa is ruined. To avoid this kind of situation and get mad on your little friend, get a scratching post for your kitten beforehand.

Scratching posts represent a necessity for indoor kittens, keeping so the furniture safe. Cats are hunters and your kitten did not scratch your sofa just to be nasty, but because she needed to mark her territory, sharpen claws or to have an excellent stretch. Scratching for cats is a normal behavior and starts around the age of 8 weeks. In the following lines, we try to answer the question “What are the best scratching posts for kittens?”


1. Catit Style Cardboard Kitten Scratcher

best scratching posts for kittens

Considered the best, good-looking and affordable option for a cardboard scratcher. It’s a relatively small, lightweight, corrugated cardboard scratcher. It can be flipped over and used as a bed.

Furthermore, it has five patterns along the sides, from which you can choose, and four styles also. Depending on how aggressive your cat is, shredding (should last between 1 and 3 months) can result in a rather large mess. Intended to be a throw-away product, it is higher quality than some other throw-away cardboard scratchers on the market.

Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 16 x 7.8 x 8.26 inches; 1.2 Pounds


  • Catnip included, to attract the kitten to the post
  • Can be used as a lounger
  • Reversible
  • Affordable price.


– Slides around on the floor.

2. SmartCat Pioneer Kitten Scratching Post

best scratchers for kittens

Top-rated kitten scratcher and longest lasting cat scratcher, SmartCat Pioneer scratching post has it all – sturdy, durable, well-designed, and it doesn’t make a mess! Life expectation is for several years (woven sisal fiber) and being one of the tallest posts (32 inches high), offers 4 large surfaces to scratch and climb. The base and top are made of quality pressed wood. Assembly is very easy, and the woven sisal holds up much better than sisal rope.

Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 16 x 16 x 35 inches; 2.2 Pounds


  • Some kittens use the top part as a perch because is large
  • Very stable base
  • High quality materials
  • Assembles with two included screws.


– Can’t be flipped once the top section gets worn out.

3. Coching Kitten Scratcher Cardboard

best scratchers for kittens

Made of 100% recycled cardboard and heavy grade corrugated cardboard, it has the strength to resist even the sharpest claws for a fair amount of time. In addition, thanks to this design, the scratch pad is 50% more durable than the standard scratch pad. A small amount of catnip is also on the outer layer to help draw the attention of your cat. It’s also held together with non-toxic glue (used for construction), which makes it healthy and safe for your cat.

Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 15.75 x 7.87 x 2.09 inches; 9.88 Ounces


  • 6 months warranty
  • Reversible
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Mimics tree bark.


Some reviewers complain about durability.

4. Kitty City Corrugate Kitten Scratcher

If you’re thinking of offering your kitten one good flat option, on a super tight budget, these three pieces, each double-sided, are the proper definition of a basic scratching post. More like getting six for one low price, this is the economical way to protect your valuable furnishings. Materials used for building are non-toxic corrugated paper/recycled cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue.

Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 18 x 10 x 1.5 inches; 1.01 Pounds


  • Easily movable
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to toss and recycle
  • 3 pieces at affordable price.


–  Not build to last.

5. Petmate FAT CAT Big Mama's Box/Ramp

best scratchers for kittens

The ideal option for angle scratching posts for kittens to stretch out and lounge on a surface that they’ll not be able to resist. Hidden nooks and crannies in the eco-friendly recyclable corrugated box, let kittens groom and trim their claws whenever they want. Quality product made in the USA, this reversible cardboard provides longer-lasting fun, amplified by the detachable toy that adds extra attention and excitement.

Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 19 x 10 x 2 inches; 0.02 Ounces


  • Helps stretch and tone kitty muscles
  • Reversible sides
  • Ramp style
  • Small detachable toy.


– Butterfly falls out a lot if the kitten’s playing is more aggressive.

6. SmartyKat Multi-Surface Kitten Scratcher

best scratchers for kittens

An ideal multi-surface carpet and sisal scratching surface to fulfill your cat’s instinctual desire to scratch. The neutral colors mix well into any room design and meet child safety standards. Snap-in removable feather toy adds more fun. Because some kittens prefer to snuggle on or under this scratcher for a nap, but it’s perfect for smaller cats breeds also.

Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 17.75 x 11 x 6.5 inches; 2.62 Pounds


  • Surface tested for safety and durability
  • Innovative shape
  • Sturdy on floor
  • Perfect for kittens.


– Not for large cat breeds. 

7. PetFusion 3-Sided Kitten Scratching Post

best scratchers for kittens

Another high-quality cat scratcher, this time made by PetFusion. Available in two sizes, scratchers are glued together piece by piece, making them much more durable than the cheaper pre-glued versions. Finally, a pet product with a stylish design that flows with your home decor. Instead of scratching your furniture, your kittens will be more than happy to scratch the less expensive and better feeling cardboard.

Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 18 x 10.5 x 16 inches; 4.2 Pounds (small size)


  • Multiple surfaces
  • USA organic catnip included
  • Thoughtful design
  • Superior quality.


– Little pricey.

8. FUKUMARU Kitten Scratcher Mat

The scratcher mat is made from natural sisal fiber, truly natural, biodegradable plant-fiber. Once you through it out, it will mix up with the soil and, in time, degrade totally. And you can install the scratching mat on the wall. For this, screws will be the best solution, so you don’t have to worry about if it will be falling off anymore. The mat can also be fixed on the floor with four Velcro pads, next to your sofa, like an example. So it will stay firmly on the floor.

Product Dimensions ‏: ‎17.17 x 4.13 x 3.5 inches; 1.17 Pounds 


  • Non-skid latex to prevent slipping
  • Biodegradable fiber
  • Design suits in any room
  • Can be used it as a scratch pad, sleeping pad, cat litter mat, or even as a mat door.


– Some people complain that mat should come in bigger size. 

Writing this blog of the best scratching posts for kittens, we found that top 8 isn’t quite enough to place in all the scratching posts, based on reviews, with all the designs. So if you don’t mind taking a look, this could be a good choice, also:

SmartyKat Scratch Up Hanging Corrugated Cat Scratchers

PAWZ Road Cat Scratching

PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratcher

Cat Scratching Post Tower by PETMAKER

4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post


Felidae family is formed from a big number of members where are included all sizes and shapes of feline, from lions and panthers, to wildcats and cats. These placental mammals have been named the silent hunters on the planet and are scattered around the globe, except for Antarctica and Australia (where they were introduced by humans after 1800) showing so their great ability to adapt and colonize.

Most of the cats have retractable claws. From this group, the only ones who make an exception are cheetahs, flat-headed cats and fishing cats. Their claws are not fully retractile, and can be seen at all times. Retractable nails, at rest, are placed in the skin and around the fingers. In this way, the claws are kept sharp and protected. Being placed next to the fingers, it avoids the wear and tear off the nails on the ground and allows them to hide their prey in silence, avoiding noise during movement. For this reason, theft/stealing is said to be a characteristic of cats. Cats can quickly pull out their claws as if they were knives. This happens when they throw themselves at their prey or when it comes to disputes over marking the territory, among other things.

Buying the best scratching posts for kittens can go very easy, knowing all the factors (hunt, find food, protect themselves, climb, mark territory, maintain muscle tone) for which kittens scratch the walls, furniture or other objects in the house. And before starting the shopping, we might want to think how to stop her to do that in tree simple methods:

Move her attention to furniture and sofas elsewhere, for example to a special wooden support, thick cardboard or scratch-resistant ropes. When she tries to walk towards the furniture as she usually does, she should be told in a firm but calm tone “No” and then put her front paws on the stand and be encouraged to scratch there. Then immediately she has to be rewarded with caresses and treats to understand that she did a good thing. This procedure must be repeated with great patience only a few times because in a short time the cat will learn that it only has to scratch on the support.

Another method is to cut the cat’s claws with a special pair of scissors found at specialty stores. This operation, if done correctly, does not cause any pain in the cat. It is very important to know that the claws of these cats have a pink area due to the blood vessels – this part should never be cut because otherwise the cat will feel a sharp pain and even bleed. Always cut only the white part from the tip of the nail to the pink area.

In the areas you want to protect, you can spread flavors that the cat does not like (e.g. orange essence, lemon essence, diluted vinegar or repellents – which can be purchased from specialty stores). At the same time, for those intended for scratching, you can use solutions with your favorite scents (e.g. catnip granules or attractive solution). When your kitten uses the scratch object (scratch card, sisal, scratch board), you can gradually move it to a location of your choice. Give a reward every time when uses scratch objects.

Now, when we look for the best scratching posts for kittens and to have a smooth and smart purchase experience, here are some quick and effective tips about the necessary features and specifications of products.


The base for the scratching post can be anything, even the cheapest plywood will do. It is important to pay attention to the so-called abrasive surface. It should be a material that easily removes the horn layer of kittens claws, but not to injure living tissue. Consequently, a flat and fluffy surface is unacceptable, it must be a rough, fibrous surface, but not excessively rough.

If the tips of the claws constantly lock in the material and become tangled, then the animal will quickly reject the new product and return to its favorite couch. It is important that the tensile strength of the surface fibers is lower than that of the “keratin-coronary horn” of the claws, but not much. Another prerequisite for a good scratcher is to ensure the drainage of static electricity, because kittens “feel” it better. Such qualities are inherent for:
some types of wood;
hemp and wicker hemp products: linen cloth, rope, carpet;
jute hemp or any other jute product;
thick woolen fabrics: drapery, play-cloth;
corrugated cardboard – this option is suitable for kittens or small dogs.

Keep in mind that synthetic materials will not work because their fibers are too tearing-resistant, smooth, slippery. Using such an “abrasive”, the cat will remain dissatisfied and will no longer be interested in the subject. Also, buy sisal and manila hemp products, human and kitten friendly. The fibers are quite weak, the animal will break them, but will not be able to sharpen its claws properly if those materials are totally natural.

In addition, make sure that there are no metal or plastic fasteners in the scraper post. The metal tends to remove static, while the plastic, on the other hand, accumulates it. In addition, these two materials can break the animal’s claws.

Scratcher dimensions

The basic rule when choosing the size of the product is: the width and height of the structure can not be smaller than the size of the cat. The animal should be comfortable. For example, flat floor or wall models are usually offered in standard widths for a normal cat.

But for some well-fed individuals, they are not comfortable, so many owners attach a similar structure next to it, thus increasing the space for cleaning the claws. If this is not done, then a single paw of a fat cat will be sharpened and will have to sharpen the floor or the wall with the second.

Consider one more fact in favor of a large size scratching post. Watch the kitten: to sharpen the claws on a flat floor device, sometimes sits on it. If this product is smaller, then the animal will not be able to fit comfortably on top, the scratching post will “walk” under the influence of its claws. Eventually, the pet will lose interest for the object. The body of the scratcher must be not only wide, but also long.

The optimal size is twice the length of the animal. Please note that when sharpening the claws on a wall product, the cat is stretched to full length and if the structure is short, then it will be very uncomfortable.


Explore how secure the selected scratcher can be installed. If it is a floor structure, then it must have non-slip features, if it is mounted on the wall, then it must have hidden fixing elements.

Customer reviews

You can get a real and good idea about products if you check not only five-star products. In this way, it’s safer to get a scratcher from a specific brand or company. Reading the positive and negative reviews helps a lot because you can avoid disappointment after purchasing.


There are sellers who offer their product at a very cheap price and this will attract a lot of customers. But in this way a premium quality product very rare comes with a low price. Some brands have the same product from the same materials, only other colors or some adjustments. Comparing the brands and products, you can save some money, if there’s no special features.


Kittens prefer to have different scratching posts, inclined, vertical or flat. There are models that can be installed on the furniture, corners, walls and doors. Based on scratching preferences, we take the opportunity to show some examples of practical models:
Corner – Sofa-Scratcher
Wall-corner – Cyclamen9
Window – K&H Window Cat Scratcher
Climbing shelf also wall mounted – Fukumaru climbing shelf
Lounge and lounge bed – FluffyDream 2 in 1 Cat Scratcher, ScratchMe Cat Scratcher
Rattan furniture shape – THE REFINED FELINE Everlasting Cat Claw Scratcher
Wall mounted – Way Basics Premium, Frankie & Rune
Inclined – Petlinks Cat Scratchers, K&H Pet Products Kitty Tippy Cat Scratcher
Pylon – Qucey scratching post
Toy – AGYM Cat Scratcher Toy


Sometimes the scratching of a cat can lead to cat scratch disease. Also known as bartonellosis, it is caused by the bacteria Bartonella henselae, which give it its name and are present in many cats. Infected cats usually have no symptoms.

However, they are carriers, acting as reservoirs and transmitters for other cats and owners in the house. To avoid infection, it is recommended to avoid harsh play with cats, thus reducing the risk of bites or scratches. Winter and autumn are the seasons when the prevalence of this disease is highest. In addition, the ones who get infected frequently are children, because they can be a little “tough” with pets. If the cat scratches or bites, it is a good idea to disinfect the wound quickly.

kitten scratching


Are scratching posts good for kittens?

Kittens, the same as humans to stay healthy, need moving their body to stretch muscles, especially feet and toes, so the answer is yes it is good for kittens and adult cats. Especially, growing kittens have so much energy, and they need a lot of activities. They have a need to sharpen their claws, this is why better quality scratching post you have, more likely your cat will not have temptation to scratch your furniture anymore.

At what age do kittens need a scratching post?

When a kitten is very tiny, the main activity should be good sleep and cat mum milk that helps healthy body development. Good time to start training process is around 8 weeks because then a kitten already starts walking and being active and curious.

How do you redirect a kitten to a scratching post?

This step is very important because what’s the point of having a scratching post for kitten and realize that she does not like it or just never use. If you want to protect your furniture that has been target of your kitten, you can use double-sided tape on areas where kitten has been scratching.

If you have many rooms in the house, it is a good idea to put kitten scratching posts in every room, so it is easy accessible everywhere. For a cat to like their scratching post, the placement of kitten scratching post is very important and not always corners will be the right option. 

Play time is a very good option to introduce a scratching post and reinforce kittens true nature. For example, place her favorite kitten toy on top of post so during the process of getting it she would use a scratching post. Another tip is to put a vertical post on the floor in horizontal position, and this is how slowly getting your fluffy friend’s attention. Try to use a catnip if that works. 

Kitten treats have always been a very helpful way of teaching your kitten to do something you want because pets are usually motivated by food. This is why give a treat every time she sniffs, touches with a paw or scratches it. After a couple of times, your kitten will see it as a positive experience and will be interested to investigate scratching post even more.

What type of scratching post is the best for kittens?

Scratching post is the most popular type of kitten scratcher out there and from cat owner feedback, classic scratching post with sisal fabric and rope is the best. The reasons cat owners love it are because of its durability, and seems like kittens love it most.

This is also proven in research that was posted in PubMed website where, 4331 respondents from 39 countries answered a survey about cat scratching behavior. It was clear that cats liked classic upright post with ropes more narrow than wide, less than 3ft.


best scratchers for kittens

With such a big choice of kittens scratching posts, we can imagine how overwhelming it can be, so we hope that after reading this article to make the right choice will be easier. From our perspective and based on research, we suggest SmartCat Pioneer classic scratching post for kitten that is available on Amazon. Sometimes more simple it is better.

If your kitten prefers more cardboard scratchers, our choice is Petmate FAT Box/Ramp because it is one of the bestsellers on Amazon, and also it has attached toy for playing and a catnip.

Of course these are just guidelines and if you have the time you can do your own research on social media or from other kitten owners, but we know how busy you are. To avoid big disappointment after you buy a scratcher, please be aware of brand’s reputation just in case you want to return it, and it breaks.


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