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8 Best Kitten Treats In 2022

best kitten treats

Kitten treats are an excellent supplement to the kitten’s daily food, so this is why I did some research to find 8 best kitten treats in 2022 specially for you. Your kitten will never get bored: you can give her crème, pasta, crunchy and dental snacks, milk treats, vitamins-tablets, or stick treats.

Moreover, they come to help for skin and fur health, anxiety and calm your kitten (if it has behavioral problems), stomach and intestinal issues, dental health, treats to help with hairballs, joints and mobility, and also for urinary tract. All of them help strengthen the immune system, but all the details about these treats can be found in our buyer’s guide. We selected 8 best kitten treats in 2022, based on kitten owners reviews.

Used as a training reward, reward for good behavior, or you just simply want to show some
affection and love to your kitten, treats are perfect for this. Kittens love them, and they will also
show that they are willing to do anything for a good treat. The time when you can start incorporating treats into your kitten food is around 7 weeks. To be sure it’s okay, every time you
add some new snacks into your kitten diet, also speak with your veterinarian, especially if you know that your kitten has some medical issues. He can guide you and recommend the best options to use for your beloved fur ball.

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Top 8 Kitten Treats In 2022

We will help you find the new delicious treat for your spoiled kitten, and you need to know
which are the best and most healthy ones. So for the moments when you wish to give a reward
to your kitten, you can choose from our list below of the 8 best kitten treats.

1. Wellness Kittles Natural Salmon & Cranberries Recipe

Wellness Kittles Cat Treats

There are many flavors on the market, but in the viewer’s opinion and Amazon’s choice, this
is the best match for all kitten breeds, so this is why we added to 8 best kitten treats in 2022 list. It’s all-natural, grain-free, made from premium ingredients which guarantee a high quality food and contribute to the health of your kitten. With only 1.1 calories per treat, you don’t have to worry about your kitten’s weight. Another benefit is the crunchy bite which helps for teeth cleaning, tartar stopping, and fresh breath.

Protein : 31%; Fat : 11%; Fiber : 4%; Moisture : 10%

-Rich in vitamins
-Grain free
-Low calories
-Good price

-Very young kittens might find the crunchy texture hard to chew

2. Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Cat Treats

Sheba meaty sticks kitten

Sheba’s sticks are perfect for kittens with sensitive teeth. The chicken taste is irresistible, and you can easily cut the sticks into small pieces. It’s recommended one stick per day and some freshwater bowl aside. Don’t forget, because the little one might get thirsty. As the best kitten treats, ingredients are also natural, and every stick is packed individually for maximum freshness. Ok, not environmentally friendly, but we must recognize that Sheba treats are one of the best on the market.

Protein : 30%; Fat : 15%; Fiber : 3%; Moisture : 30%

-Real meat
-Great price
-No artificial flavors
-Lots of proteins

-Contains salt and sugar

3. Get Naked Grain Free Kitten Health Treats

Get naked kitten treats

This great combination of chicken, sweet potatoes, herring oil, taurine, and other natural ingredients will provide plenty of fibers, proteins, and omega fatty acids to your kitten. If you follow the recommendations of 2 treats for cats up to 5 lbs, 3 for cats 5-10 lbs., and 4-5 for cats over 10Lbs, your kitten will not gain weight. They work well also for kittens with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Everything comes to support general health, digestion, heart muscle function, immune system, and a healthy coat.

Protein : 18%; Fat : 16%; Fiber : 2%; Moisture : 18%

-Omega-3 and 6
-Added taurine
-Three calories per treat

-Treats are a little too big for kittens

4. Delectables Bisque Lickable Kitten Treats

Delectables Bisque Lickable Treats

This combination of tender chicken or succulent fish with a smooth and satisfying sauce, it’s
so delicious that even the pickiest kittens will lick the bowl clean! Suggested daily feeding is for
kittens weaning up to 6 months old. The recipe isn’t totally grain-free, there is wheat gluten in,
but there aren’t fillers, by-products, or added preservatives. The nutritionally compound provides
vitamins and minerals to support your kitten’s growth along their first year of life. Once they get
past 12 months old, it is recommended to switch to adult treats.

Protein : 8%; Fat : 1.5%; Fiber : 0.5%; Moisture : 90%

-Tasty purée texture
-Hydration benefits
-No preservatives
-No by products

-Contains wheat gluten

5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Soft-Moist Kitten Treats

Blue Wilderness Cat treats

Blue Wilderness always puts the accent on the quality of their products, and with this chicken-salmon tender morsels mix, be sure you don’t disappoint your kitten. Simply, they are baked with a meaty crunch and loaded with meat. They are grain-free, and if you know your kitten has other tastes, try different flavors – chicken and turkey, chicken and duck, chicken and trout.

Protein : 20%; Fat : 23%; Fiber : 5%; Moisture : 20%

-Loaded with meat
-Soft and crunchy texture
-1.5 calories per treat
-Healthy food

-Some kittens seems not to like them

6. Greenies Smartbites Skin and Fur Health

Greenies Kitten treats

As best kitten treats, they’re called smartbites because they are perfect byte-sized. The natural source of omega-3 fatty acids is fish oil as well as ground flaxseed. Vets recommend these balanced crunchy and soft dual-texture stacks because the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins help maintain healthy skin and fur.

Protein : 29%; Fat : 19%; Fiber : 3%; Moisture : 10%

-Crunchy outside, soft inside
-Balanced snack
-Lots of protein
-For healthy skin and fur

-Not for kittens with sensitive stomach

7. Catit Creamy Lickable Best Kitten Treats

catit creamy kitten treats

Squeezable tube filled with a rich, creamy purée, perfect for hand feeding. And if you don’t have time, you can put it on a plate and mix it with dry food. Or just squeeze it on top of your favorite kitten’s food. After your kitten will try the 12 tube pack, you will go for the large pack, without any doubt. For small kittens, 1 tube per day is enough.

Protein : 5%; Fat : 1%; Fiber : 2%; Moisture : 90%

-Delicious by itself or as dry food topping
-No artificial preservative or flavors
-High meat content

-One tube is only 0.5 oz

8. Catmandoo Bonito Flakes Kitten Treats

8. Catmandoo Bonito Flakes

Bonito flakes are dehydrated pieces of meat, made from Japanese fish, related to tuna. They are full of proteins and the taurine level is also high(35%), making them a perfect appetite stimulant. They are very thin and easy to crumble, and that’s the reason you may need to transfer them into a jar. The big bag (4 ounces) is more convenient to buy.

Protein : 76%; Fat : 3%; Fiber : 1%; Moisture : 12%

-Appetite stimulant
-No chemical preservatives
-Kittens go wild over these flakes
-Perfect for sensitive cats

-Smelly and very thin

Buyers Guide

 Having so many options of the 8 best kitten treats in 2022, we need to know what benefits each product has. I need to mention that most vets are recommending that treats must be only 10% of your kitten’s daily calorie’s intake (known as the 10% rule).

Search for treats rich in protein, low sodium content, fat and omega fat (fat diet must be 18% to
35%), taurine, calcium and whole meat and meat as number one in ingredient list. Of course,
you can check if the treats that you buy are AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) approved, but isn’t necessarily required, of treat manufacturers. Avoid treats that contain rice, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, and other “healthy” additives like artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

In our 8 best kitten treats list, we had mentioned only some of the most reviewed treats for kittens, and this is why I added general description of treat types and what they are good for. 

Treats are good for:

Skin and fur – most of the treats for skin and fur come also with anti-inflammatory
benefits. So these treats come for helping the kitten skin, one of the largest organs. And
with a healthy immune system, fur grows also shiny and beautiful.

Anxiety and calm – some kittens are stressed in the environment in which they live. Some others are stressed because of health issues. There are treats to help manage stress like Pet Naturals Calming.

Stomach and intestinal issues – keeping a balanced gastrointestinal(GI) health is very important for your kitten. Some treats come with probiotics and prebiotics (fiber) ingredients, to keep the tract functional. Like VetriScience – Probiotic.

Dental health – to prevent periodontal disease, dental health for your kitten is crucial. Brushing kitten teeth is almost impossible, so we have treats like Greenies Feline Natural Dental Care.

Hairballs prevent – it’s an unpleasant experience for every kitten, and they can cause an obstruction at the GI level. Treats like Pet Naturals Hairball Relief with essential enzymes and fatty acids can break down hairballs.

Joints and mobility – to protect cartilage of the joints and healthy mobility, because kittens jump and run all the time – this activity can cause inflammation in the body – we have treats designed to help, Cosequin® for Cats.

Urinary tract – treats with glucosamine and D-mannose( Get Naked Urinary Health ), makes the kitten’s bladder resist better to a urinary tract infection.

Immune system support – these treats are more for senior cats or for cats who suffer from different, really “ugly” diseases. In this case, only consulting a vet, can tell what is the best and right treat, to boost immune system mechanisms.


● Keep the recommended administration per day/period.

● If you don’t have time to play with your kitten, don’t give them treats as compensation all
the time. If you do this, they will think they deserve a treat whenever they are bored.

● When they ask for a treat, and they insist, just wait until they relax. You don’t want them
to become dependent on this behavior.

● Treat your kitten as your child. Give them treats not before the meal, but after, like

● Do not make from receiving treats an ordinary deal, it will become too common.


a) Use a “clicker”. You can buy a kitten-clicker from the pet store, or just use something that
makes a sound when pressed. Every time your cat performs the desired behavior, make the
sound immediately. Repeat this routine every time you capture the cat in the act of the wanted
behavior. How to use a clicker you can find in the FAQ section below.

b) Targeting. To try targeting training, hold the target(a wooden pen, for example), an inch away from your kitten’s nose. Will want to sniff it, so the instant her nose touches the target, give her a treat. Repeat this process a few times a day, until they get the idea. If there’s no interest in touching the target, then dip the tip of the target in chicken sauce or whatever she likes. Use the target for tricks like rolling over, standing on its behind legs, or turning in circles.


● The best time to train is right before mealtime, when your kitten is most motivated by food. Train for short periods at a time (10 min. max) or the kitten may lose interest. If she stops responding, then stop training. Do several short training sessions a few times a day.

● Kittens tend to learn faster because of their age and pliable minds.

best kitten treats



Clicker training should be started when the kitten is fairly young. Three months is a general rule,
but kitties can learn at any point in time.

Before starting clicker training, you’ll need to get the kitten to associate the clicker sound with
training. Then you work through training the wanted behavior. Use always the best kitten treats,
so they don’t lose interest. After, you can add a cue-word or hand signal to the final behavior.

Step 1: Prime the clicker

Start by “priming” the clicker: click, treat, click, treat, click, treat. This sets up the routine that
something good will happen when it hears the clicker sound.

When you know that kitten has figured out the association, when you click the clicker, check to
see the excitement of staring at you, awaiting their reward. According to professional trainers,
this training-sound association should take less than 5 minutes in total.

Step 2: Start training the 1st behavior – The luring method

Pick a behavior and only one. It’s the easiest way to learn things, one by one. Teach your cat to
sit, like an example. Take the treat and put it over the kitten’s head, and then lure their head up
in an arc, so that they sit their butt down. Same as with dogs. Head goes up, butt goes down! It
may take some wiggling of the treat to get them to let go of your hand, or to keep them from “dancing”. Remember that where the treat goes, kitten follow. Then you’ll know you’re on the right way to training your kitten to sit. When your kitten’s bottom touches the floor in a “sit,” you click. Then you have 2-3 seconds after the click to give the treat. Quicker is better!

Step 3: Adding in a cue

Train the motion (the cat sitting) at least five times to make sure that the kitten is getting the
concept first. Only then start adding a cue word into it. May need more repetition, but you’ll see
when the kitten starts to understand and predict what’s going to happen.

Important: “click” at the right moment and add the word to it, otherwise you might train your kitten, that “sit” means totally something else. Like things that they might do in their own way to sitting. You need to be sure that the kitten is really sitting before you start to say “sit.”

Tips for adding cue word

● Lure the kitten with the treats into the sit position.

● Right before your kitten’s bottom touches the ground, say “sit,” then “click” and give a
treat as normal.

● Continue to do the steps from above, but make the luring hand signal less and less
obvious until it’s out completely.

● If your kitten has predicted sitting without requiring the lure, add the word “sit” before
their bottom touches the ground and click, treat.

● Once your kitten sits when it hears the word “sit,” it means you’ve transmitted with success the cue word.

Can you give treats to kittens?

Most kittens treats are not designed with kittens in mind and can be very high in calories. Their
large size can also cause choking. It’s best to save giving your kitten treats until they are a bit
older, and even then you should be careful that the treats are kitten-friendly.

What treats do kittens love most?

Most kittens love both catnip and “cat grass,” which is, actually, a cereal grass like wheat or oats. Both treats are easy to grow in a sunny window, and you can also find dried and fresh greens in pet stores. Always be sure the plant you’re offering your cat is safe for felines.

Why my kitten doesn’t like its new treats?

Trying out a new kitten treat is always a gamble, considering that cats can be picky eaters. If your kitten refuses to eat its new treats, it may be because they don’t pass the smell test.

Can I replace my kitten’s food with treats?

If your kitten refuses to eat his food after becoming obsessed with a certain treat, it’s important
to note that you CAN NOT SUBSTITUTE cat food with cat treats. However, there are many best
kitten treats that can be used as a topper to entice your cat into eating her meals.


We know this it’s indispensable, because having a kitten, or more pets, they become part of the family, and we need to treat them equally, like humans. From the numerous examples of treats
we shared with you, we hope this article about 8 best kitten treats in 2022 helped you find your choice.

All treats for kittens should always be healthy, delicious, and affordable to keep your kitty in the best shape. These products list and the buyer’s guide should help you in your quest of finding what fits your kitten.

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